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President of Fiji congratulates Biden before official victory

Fiji Prime Minister Frank Benimarama has sent a congratulatory message to Biden, who considers Biden the winner of the US election, without waiting for a final decision – while counting of four states still continues.

Wishing Frank Bainimarama Joe Biden the victory, he wrote, “Together we will try to save the Earth from climate change and try to bring the global economy out of the influence of covid-19.”

Frank Benimarama has expressed hope that the United States will return to the Paris Agreement if the Democrat Party is formed.

Fiji emits less than 1 percent carbon and rising sea level due to climate change is a big problem for him.

During Donald Trump’s term, America was the first country to officially announce its exit from the Paris Agreement.

The Paris Agreement was under the responsibility of all countries to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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Joe Biden during the election campaign had given a lot of importance to the issue of climate change and said that if he becomes president, he will rejoin America in this agreement.

Prior to Frank Benimarama, Slovenia’s Prime Minister Janze Jansa on Twitter congratulated Donald Trump for winning the election.

On his tweet, Twitter had added a warning that ‘the election is not over yet’.

However top Republican leader Mitch McConnell has said that ‘if Biden wins the election, the transfer of power will happen in a very peaceful manner’.

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Mitch McConnell is a Senator from Kentucky. There he was asked by the press people about the transfer of power, to which he said, “Of course, it will be done in a peaceful manner.”

He said, “People vote for a new administration every four years, so why would there be any difficulty in leaving the seat or transferring it?”

However, Donald Trump has a mixed answer to such questions.

When he was asked about this at some point earlier this year, he said, “Peaceful transfer … I would like that to happen, but in reality, I don’t want transfer, because I am going to win.” . “

Since 3 November, Donald Trump has been accusing Democrat leaders of ‘rigging’ the election, even though he has not been able to produce any evidence to substantiate his claim. Also, they are talking about challenging the counting of votes.

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