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‘Present Strength of militants in Kashmir lowest in decade’: Lt Gen BS Raju

The Indian Army wants to give a chance to the youth who have come under the guise of terrorism. For this, some changes have been made in the surrender policies. Lt Gen BS Raju said that 17 youths involved in terrorism have been brought back under the surrender policy in the last 6 months. He said that we are working together with the government on a better surrender policy.

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Lieutenant General BS Raju has appealed to those stray youths to return to the mainstream. He said that you can surrender anytime, my appeal to the stray youth is that come back, you can come back at any time, you can surrender even when the police operation is going on.

BS Raju said that the wandering youth can contact us through their parents or on our helpline. We will arrange your return. Indian Army has changed its Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for counter-terrorism operations in Jammu and Kashmir, under which it will give more emphasis on surrender of militants despite the threat to the lives of its personnel during encounters. 

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He said, ‘Pakistan is going to lead the youth towards terrorism in different ways. Pak attracted many youths to study, but went out of the way and explained them to them. He said “some of these were trained and infiltrated through the Line of Control as well as the international border”.

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The special thing is that the attacks of militants on the Indian Army have increased in the recent past. At the same time, a few days ago the army discovered a tunnel in the state. It was being claimed that Pakistan is using these tunnels to infiltrate terrorists in India. The military official alleged that “Pakistan’s militants target our security forces and common citizens in the valley”.

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He Said that, Pakistani militants target security forces and civilians in crowded areas. Their conspiracy behind this is that we should also retaliate and get more civilian casualties so that terrorist organizations can tarnish our image. 

He further added that militant organizations use social media to spread misinformation and make new recruits. Said that compared to last year, this time we have been able to reduce infiltration by 70 percent. We remain fully in control of the LoC and are prepared for all contingencies. At the same time, sufficient disclosures have been made by the concerned authorities regarding the status of LAC.

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