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Population of Muslims is increasing in India says RSS chief

Population of Muslims is increasing in India says RSS chief

Ground Report | New Delhi: Population of Muslims in India; Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat on Friday performed Shastra Puja at the RSS headquarters in Nagpur on the occasion of Vijayadashami. Bhagwat also paid tribute to Sangh founders KB Hedgewar and MS Golwalkar on the occasion and then addressed the volunteers.

The RSS chief said, “The country’s journey from independence to independence is not yet complete as there are elements in the world for whom India’s progress and its rise to a respected position are detrimental to their vested interests.

“On comparing and comparing the present scenario with this ideal of independent India, our journey from Swadhinata (Freedom/Self-Governance) to Freedom (Self-Model of Governance) is not yet complete. There are elements in the world for which India’s progress and its rise to a respected position is detrimental to their vested interests,” the RSS chief added.

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Population of Muslims in India

Bhagwat also expressed concern about the difference in religious population growth rate in India and said that it is a threat to the unity and integrity of the country.

  • The huge difference in the population growth rate of various communities, the growing imbalance in the proportion of the population of the country’s overall population, especially the population of the border areas due to foreign infiltration and conversion, can cause a serious threat to the unity, integrity and cultural identity of the country.
  • Due to the huge difference in population growth rate between 1951 and 2011, the proportion of followers of sects that originated in India has decreased from 88 percent to 83.8 percent in the country’s population. At the same time, the proportion of Muslim population has increased from 9.8 percent to 14.23 percent.
  • The operation of Hindu temples should be in the hands of Hindu devotees and the property of Hindu temples should be used only for the service and welfare of Hindu society along with worship of God, it is also proper and necessary.
  • One has to be free from all kinds of fear. Weakness gives birth to cowardice. This balopasana is not in opposition or reaction to anyone. The world listens to strength, modesty, knowledge and organized society. Truth and peace also run on the basis of power.

concern over J&K targeted killings

Mohan Bhagwat also said that terrorists are resorting to targeted killings to create fear in Jammu and Kashmir. Also read: Panic-stricken Kashmiri Pandits go on leave in Kashmir Valley “Terrorists are resorting to targeted violence to create fear in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

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Addressing the annual Vijayadashami rally at Reshambagh ground here, Shri Bhagwat said there is a need to enhance military preparedness on the borders.

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