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PM Modi's sharp criticism in famous medical journal 'The Lancet'

The world's most famous medical journal, The Lancet, published an editorial In criticizing PM Modi,the covid-19 epidemic.

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The world's most famous medical journal, The Lancet, published an editorial In criticizing PM Modi, it is written that his focus is more on suppressing his criticism on Twitter and less on controlling the covid-19 epidemic.

The Journal wrote, "In such a difficult time Modi's attempt to suppress his criticism and open discussion is not worth the apology."

According to the report, according to the estimates of the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, the number of deaths due to corona epidemic in India can reach one million by August 1.

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According to Lancet, since the initial success against Corona, the government's task force was not found even once until April.

According to the Journal, "The outcome of this decision is in front of us. Now the epidemic is increasing and India will have to take new steps. Its success will depend on whether the government accepts its mistakes and gives leadership to the country with transparency or not. ”

According to the journal, steps related to public health will have to be taken on scientific basis. Lancet has suggested that when vaccination does not begin at a rapid pace, all steps must be taken to prevent infection.

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“As matters are increasing, the government should provide accurate data on time, tell people every 15 days what is happening and what steps should be taken to reduce this epidemic. It should also discuss the possibility of nationwide lockdown. "

According to the journal, genome sequencing has to be promoted to better understand the infection and prevent it from spreading.

“Governments at the local level have started taking steps to prevent infection, but to ensure that people wear masks, follow social distancing, do not gather crowds, quarantine and testing, the central government plays an important role in all this.

The Journal states that the vaccination campaign needs to be accelerated. There are two big challenges before now, to increase the supply of vaccine and to make it a distribution center that reaches the people of poor and rural areas because they are 65 percent of the population of the country and they do not have access to health services.

The government should work closely with local and primary health centers.

The journal also mentioned the current state of India's hospitals and the statement of the Health Minister in which he said that India is going towards the end of the epidemic.

According to the journal, after a few months of declining cases, the government tried to show that India had defeated covid. The government ignored the dangers of the second wave and the warnings associated with the new strain.

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According to the editorial, "Despite the warning, the government allowed religious events to be held in which lakhs of people gathered, in addition to election rallies."

The government's vaccination campaign was also criticized in the journal. Lancet wrote, "The vaccination campaign at the center level also failed. The central government did not consult the states about increasing vaccination and giving vaccines to all people above the age of 18 years and suddenly changed the policy which led to reduction in supply and spread of disorder. ”

According to the journal, states like Kerala and Odisha were better prepared to fight the epidemic. They are also helping other states by producing more oxygen. 

At the same time, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh were not ready for the second wave of Corona and they had to cope with lack of oxygen, beds in hospitals and other necessary medical facilities, even space for cremation.

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