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PM Modi’s birthday is ‘Unemployment Day’ for Youth Congress

PM Modi's birthday is 'Unemployment Day' for Youth Congress
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Ground Report | New Delhi: PM Modi’s birthday is ‘Unemployment Day; Today, the Congress party is celebrating the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as National Unemployment Day. Youth Congress workers are demonstrating in many cities of the country.

In a press conference, Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate said, “The birthdays of many Prime Ministers of India are celebrated in one form or the other… Today, when I saw Modi’s face in the newspapers, I thought what was his birthday celebrated as an achievement.”

“It is the birthday of the Prime Minister and from this platform, we wish him a very happy birthday. We pray for his well-being, but we believe that this day is celebrated as Unemployment Day, Anti-Farmer Day in many parts of the country. High-Value Day, Crippled Economy Day, ED, IT, CBI Raid Day, and Corona Mismanagement Day, as a victory over your crony capitalists’ Friends Day,” Shrinate told reporters.

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PM Modi’s birthday is ‘Unemployment Day

“We do believe that in the last seven years, you have failed on several fronts and we hope and pray that God gives you the wisdom to realize that this is what you have led the country to. This is where, you have failed and today as a result, India is paying a heavy price for it,” she also said.

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The Congress wrote on its Twitter, “Why don’t you talk about jobs by holding a press conference today? Why don’t you look into the eyes of the youth?

She claimed that India has the largest number of unemployed people despite Modi’s tall promises. She alleged that jobs are being lost every month and asked, “Where are those two crore annual jobs, one would like to ask? Why are 61 lakh government jobs lying vacant?”

GST crippled economy

The farmers have been protesting for nine months without any solution, Shrinet said, adding that the high prices of gas, diesel, petrol, edible oil, pulses, daily essentials are making life difficult for the people.

She claimed that demonetisation and GST have crippled the economy and resulted in the closure of MSMEs and small businesses, as an investment in the consumption chain is completely broken. “Nevertheless, you have put India on sale for some of your friends, and that is why we must be calling it ‘Panjipati Pujan Diwas’ (Crony Capitalist Friends Day),” she said.

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Shrinate also alleged that during the COVID crisis, the country faced a shortage of vaccines, oxygen, essential medicines as the prime minister was too busy campaigning and “red flags were being manipulated to suit his image”.

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