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#PinjraTod at NIT Trichy | What is happening?

NIT Trichy Protests

Students at the pretentious NIT Trichy, in Tamil Nadu, have been protesting for basic rights. Students demand to change the rules which restrict female students from being outside the hostel after 9 pm. While there is no such rule for boys hostel. Interestingly, there is a 30 mins relaxation on the weekends. 

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NIT Trichy is one of the finest NITs and is ranked NIRF rank 8. And, the female students have to answer the roll call at 9 pm at their hostels. This is the 21st century, the era of 5G.

The below-mentioned Twitter thread fairly explains, why this is a big issue if discriminatory treatment wasn’t a good enough reason.

What is the Pinjra Tod movement?

Started in the Delhi-NCR, Pinjra Tod is a women’s collective that aims to fight for equal rights for female students and women, particularly inside college campuses. The movement in the Delhi-NCR, but have spread to other universities with an aim to have equal and less-restricted policies for women.

Pinjra Tod, meaning Break The Cage, can also be perceived as a metaphor to get women out of the patriarchal mindset of society towards them.


The people on internet have come out in support of the protest. There are people who feel otherwise, and we will give them no space on this platform.


How the university campuses should be, has been the biggest debate in the recent past. When I started studying in college, the infamous JNU slogan fiasco happened. That somehow leads to the entire discussion. Not just in the recent past, colleges have played a very crucial role in the mobilization of state or national-level movements.

I personally think college campuses are safe spaces for personal exploration, even if they are radical. In the case of NIT Trichy, it is just the basic right for female students on campus.

Quality higher education in India is synonymous with institutes like IITs, IIMs, and NITs, and when the subject students to unequal treatment, then it should be questioned.

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