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Photos and videos will now be automatically deleted from WhatsApp

Photos and videos; WhatsApp, the social media and mobile messaging app, is about to add a new feature for the convenience of its users, in

By Ground Report
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Photos and videos

Ground Report | New Delhi: Photos and videos; WhatsApp, the social media and mobile messaging app, is about to add a new feature for the convenience of its users, in which photos and videos shared on WhatsApp will now automatically disappear after being viewed.

This content will be 'deleted' without being saved on the phone's memory once viewed by recipients of photos and videos. WhatsApp management says it is providing this feature to protect users' private information.

Facebook, the company that runs the WhatsApp of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, a charity working against child abuse, has been embroiled in controversy over 'encrypted' messages. Encrypted messages mean that these messages can only be seen by the sender and receiver and cannot be viewed and read during communication.

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"With the launch of this facility, children will be more vulnerable because those who commit crimes against children will have another tactic that will put them at risk," said Allison True, an online safety officer for the charity Child Protection It will further help to cover up their criminal activities, while efforts to protect children are hampered by 'end-to-end' or end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp is marketing this new feature to its users by saying that it can be used for photos you don't want to keep, such as photos taken when buying clothes and how the new clothes will suit you. Looks like a photo taken to send someone your password.

Photos and videos

From next week, this feature will be provided to every WhatsApp user. Users will know that this message can only be viewed once because its 'preview' will be hidden behind a capital icon. In addition to other apps such as 'SnapChat' style deleted messages, it will also be possible for the user to take a screenshot of the message when it is open to view or take an on-screen recording or any other Film with the camera.

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WhatsApp will facilitate disappearing messages from November. The message will be deleted from the account of both the sender and the receiver in seven days and this is a matter which may cause legal difficulties for the British government.

UK law requires that debates and decisions on important issues be recorded for historical reference. Many government officials are known to use WhatsApp and similar apps frequently, prompting a bar company to taunt political leaders by saying, "This is a government-run by text. ۔ ' The Cabinet Office was told that it had taken appropriate steps to ensure that official correspondence was kept in accordance with the law.

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