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Beware of WhatsApp crashing virus!

WhatsApp, one of the world's largest mobile applications for social networking, crashing the messaging app of all group members

By groundreportdesk
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Once uninstalled, when the user reinstalls the app, it is not possible to return to group chat and access to their group chat history becomes impossible.

Ground Report | New Delhi: WhatsApp, one of the world's largest mobile applications for social networking, has revealed a major flaw that could cause people to crash into group chats and crashing the messaging app of all group members. Researchers at the cybersecurity firm Checkpoint say that this problem means that people can send a destructive message in a group chat, which crashes the entire WhatsApp application of all members of the group.

This crash bug is so destructive that the affected user is forced to uninstall the affected app and reinstall the app in order to reuse WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp company was notified of the bug and the error was rectified, but Checkpoint warned users that if they wanted to stay safe from the bug's attack, they could use WhatsApp. Will need to be updated. "The ability to prevent people from using WhatsApp and delete valuable information from group chat history (of this bug) is an It is a powerful weapon.

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The bug was discovered in August of this year, and Ovid Vano says he was unaware of any occasion when hackers took advantage of the vulnerability. Checkpoint has also released a video explaining how an attacker could take advantage of this flaw and crash other users' WhatsApps.

WhatsApp web and browser browsing tools in web browsers are used to launch attacks. WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide, which could lead to serious consequences from a massive bug attack on the app. The bug was fixed in mid-September via WhatsApp version 2.19.58, but any version that has not been downloaded or updated before is still at risk.

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"WhatsApp values ​​the work of the technology community in helping to maintain tight security for its users around the world," said Erin Krett, WhatsApp software engineer. "We are grateful to Checkpoint for working on our Bug Bounty program. We fixed this issue in mid-September for all WhatsApp apps. We've recently added new controls to prevent users from joining unsolicited groups to prevent them from joining unreliable unverified groups.

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