Pfizer’s vaccine also works against new strains of the corona virus

Recent research has shown that vaccines from global pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Bio Tech are also effective against new strains of the corona virus.

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This research is being welcomed, but it is not yet the final scientific evidence that the vaccine will actually be effective against modified strains of the virus.

New strains of the coronavirus have been discovered in the UK and South Africa. The spread of both new strains is alarmingly high, raising concerns about the effectiveness of vaccines developed so far.

Most experts believe the vaccine will work, but researchers are still looking for conclusive evidence.

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A study is being conducted at the American University of Texas on NY5 Zero ‘mutation’, which has been found in both new types.

It is thought to be very important because it is found in the part of the germ that first affects the cells of our body, and because of this mutation, some of the viruses It is very easy to get wrapped up in a person and this is where the ‘infection’ starts.

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Researchers have created two types of viruses: one that was modified and the other unchanged, and both were inserted into blood samples taken from 20 people who had been vaccinated.

Their observation from this experiment was that the vaccine was also working against a modified virus, but a virus that has undergone many changes has managed to escape the human immune system due to its altered nature.

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Ravi Gupta, a professor at Cambridge University in the UK, said the mutation chosen was one of eight different germs found in the UK and the expectation was that it alone would not be so deadly.

Stephen Evans, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, says the results would have been more worrying if the results had been the opposite. “Of course this is good news, but it does not satisfy us that the Pfizer vaccine gives us full protection,” he said.

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