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Pakistanis shower love on Neeraj Chopra’s Olympic victory

Crores of gifts announced for Neeraj Chopra by govt

Ground Report | New Delhi: Pakistanis shower love on Neeraj Chopra’s; After Neeraj Chopra won gold in the Tokyo Olympics, where there is an atmosphere of celebration in India, congratulatory messages are also coming to him from Pakistan.

Arshad Nadeem, who landed from Pakistan in the final of the same javelin throw event, was also there but failed to win a medal. It is being said that Arshad Nadeem considers Neeraj Chopra as his ideal.

Before the match, a large number of people were present at Arshad Nadeem’s house to watch this match. Arrangements were made from place to place to see this match in his village.

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People were seen praying during the match. However, after this encounter, there was sadness among the people.

Pakistani journalist Shiraz Hassan wrote about Neeraj Chopra, “Neeraj Chopra is an amazing athlete. Congratulations on the gold. He really deserved it. Very brilliant. Now we know why Arshad Nadeem calls you his hero. “

Pakistanis shower love on Neeraj

One user tweeted with a teardrop emoji that these are tears of happiness. He writes, “For the first time in the history of India, I got gold in the Olympic track and field event. Neeraj Chopra you are a star. Love and congratulations from Pakistan. You did it.”

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He also posted a video as well. In which he said, “Salute on behalf of all Pakistanis for winning gold in Tokyo from a small village. It doesn’t matter if Arshad Nadeem could not win, Neeraj Chopra of our Humsaye Mulk has won, so as always we Pakistanis have a lot of heart. It’s big, we offer you our heartfelt congratulations. You just keep doing success in the name of your country.”

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