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Pakistani TV presenter Iqrar Ul Hassan praised India

Pakistani TV presenter Syed Iqrar ul Hassan came under target due to some of his tweets on Monday. He started being called as a traitor.

Iqarul Hasan, who hosted a Pakistani TV show named ‘Sar-e-Aam’, retweeted a tweet by Amitabh Kant, CEO of NITI Aayog on 17 January.

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Amitabh Kant in his tweet described India as the world’s vaccine hub. Retweeting this tweet, Hassan wrote, “India vs Pakistan – It is not yet decided whether Pakistan will ask for the vaccine or not.” It is a distant thing to make. If you want to compete then do training, do science, do it in infrastructure, do it in economy, do it in technology… and face the truth.

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Earlier, Syed Iqrar ul Hassan posted two pictures. The two compare Pakistan and India’s public transport. In the picture attached to Pakistan, there is a shabby car moving on the road in which Pakistanis are standing and sitting. At the same time, the picture attached to India has a view inside the Jan Shatabdi Express, in which comfortable seats are shining.

Iqrarul Hasan did not stop here. He also mentioned the weak status of Pakistani passports and currency. He wrote in his tweet, “Unfortunately the condition of Pakistani passport is better than only Somalia and Afghanistan. The Pakistani rupee is equivalent to 1.90 for one taka of Bangladesh and 2.20 for one rupee of India. May Allah give us strength to make Pakistan truly alive. ”

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Many big celebrities of Pakistan came to support him. #WeSupportIqrar started running in support of Iqrar.

Former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar defended Iqrar, writing, “One must understand the context of what one is trying to say before being targeted.” Iqrar Hasan’s love and dedication towards his Pakistan is neither a dispute nor a question can be raised on him. ”

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Pakistani singer Ali Zafar also tweeted supporting Iqrarul, “The person who risked his country and people many times. Worked without wearying. There is a doubt about one of his posts, in which he is probably talking about good transport system.

Pakistani actor Imran Ashraf also supported Iqrarul Hasan, saying that whoever is talking about the betterment of his country is being shown hatred.

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