Pakistani Player Mohammad Amir Said Goodbye To International Cricket

Pakistan Fast bowler Mohammad Aamir on Thursday made it clear to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) that he does not want to play any more international cricket so his name should not be considered for any future international matches.

Recently, the Pakistani bowler accused the team management of mentally abusing him and made it clear that he “no longer intends to play with the current team management.”

On Thursday, Aamir formally informed the PCB that he no longer wanted to play international cricket. Wasim Khan, the PCB’s chief executive officer, had contacted Mohammad Amir about the news of his retirement.

“This is a personal decision of Muhammad Amir,” the PCB said in a statement.

In 2019, Mohammad Aamir, once considered Pakistan’s leading fast bowler and number one priority, decided to quit Test cricket. Waqar Younis, the bowling coach of the Pakistani cricket team, had reacted to this by saying that Aamir suddenly decided not to play Test cricket before the tour of Australia and caused harm to Pakistan. But Aamir wanted to focus more on limited overs cricket.

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In a recent interview to a private TV channel, Mohammad Aamir said that he was quitting cricket at the moment because “it does not seem possible for him to play cricket with the current management.”

Mohammad Aamir says he has not moved away from cricket but efforts are being made to ‘remove’ him. According to him, the kind of environment that has been created and the way ‘they have been sidelined’ is in front of everyone.

Mohammad Aamir also said in the interview that he got a kind of ‘wake-up call’ when he was not included in the 35 players announced for the tour of New Zealand. He thinks that even if his name does not appear in the list of 35 players, then he will have to see how he can continue cricket in terms of his future plans.

Mohammad Aamir says he doesn’t think he can play cricket with the current team management in the current environment because, according to him, he is being “mentally tortured” and he no longer “tolerates further torture.”

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Mohammad Amir’s performance in international cricket has been mixed after completing a five-year sentence in spot-fixing.

His dangerous spell in the final of the 2017 Champions Trophy played a key role in Pakistan’s victory, but he did not perform well in next year’s Asia Cup.

He took 17 wickets in the World Cup in England last year.

Muhammad Aamir announced his retirement from Test cricket last year. He said he now wanted to focus more on limited overs cricket.

Prior to the five-year ban, he had taken 51 wickets at an average of 29 in 14 Tests. In the 22 Tests played since his return, he has managed to take 68 wickets at an average of 31.

Mohammad Aamir has so far taken 81 wickets in 61 ODIs for Pakistan, while he has taken 59 wickets in 50 T20 Internationals.


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