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Pakistani fighters and Taliban instructed to target Indian assets in Afghan

Pakistani fighters and Taliban; Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI has instructed the Taliban and its fighters to target Indian assets in

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Ground Report | New Delhi: Pakistani fighters and Taliban; Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI has instructed the Taliban and its fighters to target Indian assets in Afghanistan. This property includes buildings and other infrastructure built by India in Afghanistan during the last 20 years.

India Today has given this information quoting government sources related to the matter. Given the influence of Pakistan on the Taliban, the possibility of this happening was already being feared.

Sources with knowledge of the ground situation said, "A large number of Pakistani fighters have joined Afghanistan's war against the government there and are supporting the Taliban. They fight with instructions to target Indian properties and buildings." have joined." Sources said there are clear instructions that the first target should be Indian assets that fall under Taliban-held territory.

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According to an estimate, more than 10,000 Pakistani fighters have entered the country through the border with Afghanistan. Many of these fighters had been stationed on the border for many years and were fighting with the forces of America and other countries. India has invested more than $3 billion in war-torn Afghanistan since the ouster of the Taliban in 2001. The biggest symbols of Indian investment include the 218-km road between Delaram and Zaranj and the Salma Dam.

Apart from this, India has also built the new Parliament of Afghanistan, which started in 2015 and it is the biggest symbol of friendship between the two countries. It is not yet clear whether India will be able to maintain its hold in the country after the withdrawal of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Both India and the Taliban have not given any indication about this yet.

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Although India has asked its employees engaged in construction work to get out safely, its employees have been called back to Delhi after closing the consulate in Kandahar. Amidst the withdrawal of US forces, there is a conflict going on in Afghanistan between the Taliban and the Afghan army.

The Taliban are believed to have captured a third of the country and have said they have captured the entire country in two weeks if they so desire. The situation in the country seems to be rapidly turning into a civil war which is not good news.

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