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Pakistan PM Imran Khan tests positive for Covid-19

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been infected with the Corona virus. This was confirmed by the doctor Faisal Sultan in a tweet.

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been infected with the Coronavirus. This was confirmed by the Prime Minister's special assistant doctor Faisal Sultan in a tweet.

Doctor Faisal says that the Prime Minister has quarantined himself in his house.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan got Corona vaccinated two days ago. However, doctors say that it takes weeks to produce antibodies after applying the vaccine.

The vaccine given by Imran Khan is the cyanoform vaccine of China. Its second dose is to be taken again after 21 days.

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Presently, the corona vaccine is being given to people above 60 years of age in Pakistan.

It is not yet clear how Prime Minister Imran became infected with the virus, but he has also attended public ceremonies and meetings in the meantime.

The Prime Minister has also been meeting the guests from outside. The Prime Minister also visited development projects in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa few days ago.

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Pakistan has the highest number of 3,876 new cases of corona virus infection in one day on Saturday this year, with which the infection rate in the country has increased to 9.4 percent.

The Health Ministry said that 623,135 people have been found infected with the virus so far in the country. The death toll has risen to 13,799 after the death of 40 patients during the last 24 hours. The ministry said that a total of 579,760 people in the country have recovered from the infection so far. 2,122 patients are in critical condition.

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