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Pak PM Imran Khan welcomes ceasefire agreement, but says `onus lies with India`

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday congratulated the people of Pakistan and the armed forces on the second Balakot air strike.

By Ground report
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Imran Khan praises India’s independent foreign policy

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday congratulated the people of Pakistan and the armed forces on the second anniversary of the Balakot air strike by tweeting several simultaneously.

Imran Khan wrote on his official Twitter handle, "I congratulate the entire country and on the second anniversary of retaliating against the illegal, adventurous military thrill airstrike launched by India against Pakistan, Pakistan's armed Salute the forces. Responded with determination at the time and place chosen by him as a nation full of pride and confidence."

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With this, Imran Khan once again said that his government believes in dialogue and wants peace.

He said, "We also showed the world how we behaved responsibly by returning an Indian pilot caught in response to India's irresponsible military stand. We have always stood for peace and continued to talk The medium is ready to resolve all outstanding issues. "

Imran Khan in his third tweet has again raised the issue of UN Security Council resolution on Kashmir.

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He wrote, "I welcome the resumption of the ceasefire on the LoC. It is now up to India to create a comfortable environment for further progress. India must take necessary steps so that, as per the UN Security Council resolutions, The long-standing demand of the Kashmiris and the right to decide their future should be given to them.”

President of the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly Volkan Bozkir said that he 'wholeheartedly' welcomes the ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan.

He said, "I wholeheartedly welcome today's ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan. Their stated commitment to achieve sustainable peace through addressing each other’s core issues and concerns sets an example for other countries and demonstrates."

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Nabila Massrali, Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, EU, said: "The EU welcomes the agreement between India and Pakistan to observe a strict ceasefire at the Line of Control in Kashmir and to engage through the established mechanisms."

She added, "An important step in the interest of regional peace and stability on which to further bilateral dialogue."

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