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Ola E-scooter Network, How can you book it in just Rs 499?

Ola E-scooter Network

Ground Report | New Delhi: Ola E-scooter Network; Ola Electric is very excited to launch its first electric scooter in the Indian market and is preparing for it. Ahead of the official launch of the scooter, Ola through its social media promotions has generated a lot of interest among the people.

The company has already started the pre-bookings for this upcoming electric two-wheeler through its official website. The launch of the Ola Electric scooter is likely to happen in the next few weeks. The company has got more than one lakh bookings in the first 24 hours of booking, which has increased over time.

Ola E-scooter Network

The company on July 15 announced the opening of bookings on its official website for a token amount of Rs 499. Ahead of the official launch of the Ola e-scooter, here are 10 key things we know about the latest electric vehicle coming to the Indian market. 

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The Ola electric scooter will be the first two-wheeler passenger vehicle to be introduced by the company. The Ola Future factory being built in Tamil Nadu will be the world’s largest factory for e-scooters. This is where Ola Electric will manufacture its upcoming electric scooters. Ola is building this plant on 500 acres of land at a cost of Rs 2,400 crore. The plant promises to produce around 2 lakh units every year once it is fully operational. 

What does it mean to reserve the Ola scooter?

Reserving an Ola Scooter by paying ₹499 means that you will be first in line to purchase it when we announce deliveries. You can cancel and get a refund anytime.


Ola claims a maximum riding range of 240 kms; However, this limit is achieved only if the speed is of 20 kmph. Practically speaking, the Ola electric scooter can achieve a range of 130-150 kms in real-life conditions.

What is the pricing of Ola Scooter? 

The Ola Scooter will be competitively priced, and the pricing shall be announced soon.

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The scooter comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display. The screen will display important information about the scooter and GPS navigation. Apart from this, the scooter comes with 4G connectivity and will support features like YouTube, calling, etc. Also, in case of a discrepancy, the scooter will diagnose and send a report to the owner as well as the service center. It comes with keyless ignition as well as the ‘Find My Scooter’ feature.

The Ola scooter can be charged in two ways:
1) Home Charging, using your home-charger in any 5A socket, at your home, workplace or anywhere else.
2) Ola Electric Charging Network is going live in over 100 cities and will eventually cover 400+ cities. For details on Ola Charger Network,
check out:

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