Now fines of Rs 2,000 for not wearing masks in Delhi

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal held an all-party meeting on Thursday to discuss the situation in Corona, after which he said that ‘they will try to implement the suggestions received in this meeting’.

In the press conference held after this meeting, he told about the preparations of the Delhi government and some new decisions.

He told that ‘Those who do not wear masks in Delhi will now be fined Rs 2,000 instead of 500’.

He said, “Some people are not even agreeing to say, they are not wearing masks, so a little strictness is necessary.”

Kejriwal has urged the Chhath worshipers that “keeping in mind the corona, people should gather in public sources of water and refrain from worshiping.”

He warned that ‘If you do Chhath Puja together in water, it can spread corona to people on a large scale.’

He told that about seven and a half thousand beds are available in Delhi. Apart from these, nearly four and a half ICU beds are available in Delhi.

He said that ’80 percent of ICU beds of private hospitals in Delhi are now being reserved for Corona.’

He told that ‘Delhi Government and Central Government are jointly arranging 1,400 more beds for Delhi. Also, all district officials have been asked to double the number of covid testing centers in their district.

At the press conference, Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal praised all the doctors and medical staff.

Kejriwal wrote in a tweet, “Today the all-party meeting calls for the cooperation of all parties. This is the time, not of politics, but of service. Requested all parties to get their workers to distribute masks at all public places. All parties Assured that he will leave politics and serve public. “

Arvind Kejriwal is also going to meet Delhi businessmen so that the markets can be discussed. Recently, there was a lot of discussion about spreading corona through markets.

Meanwhile, the Delhi High Court has also questioned the Delhi government. The court has asked the Delhi government, ‘Why did the Delhi government take 18 days to decide on how many people can gather at weddings.’

The Delhi government has now reduced the number of people gathered at weddings to 50.

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