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Non-communicable diseases kill 12 people every minute in India

Non-communicable diseases kill 12 people every minute in India

Every two seconds, someone under the age of 70 dies from non-communicable disease (NCD), and 86% of those deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.

In India, 66 per cent of all deaths were due to NCDs in 2019, according to a new WHO report: “Invisible Numbers: The True Scale of Noncommunicable Diseases.”

According to the report, every second a person aged 70 or older dies from these diseases. The information has appeared in a new report “Invisible numbers: the true extent of noncommunicable diseases and what to do about it” published by the World Health Organization.

Non-communicable diseases

Four major non-communicable diseases are killing people around the world, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases. If you see, most of these diseases are related to the increase in pollution, eating habits and habits such as tobacco and alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity and exercise. If given proper attention, they can be prevented from growing.

The report and portal published by the WHO have not only highlighted the risk and increased risk of these diseases in 194 countries but also talked about the measures with the help of which their risk can be reduced. With the help of these measures, not only life but also health can be helped to curb the huge expense.

Noncommunicable diseases are those health conditions that are caused by acute infections, but instead are long-term health complications that arise from genetic predisposition, physiological aspects, as well as environmental and behavioural factors. NCDs create the need for long-term management and treatment in order to receive full treatment. Heart conditions, diabetes, asthma, cancer, and stroke are just a few of the most common NCDs.

While these diseases are often associated with the elderly, they can affect people of all age groups. The WHO report indicated that more than 17 million deaths occur before the age of 70 due to NCDs. A significant part of deaths caused by NCDs can be prevented with timely intervention. The report also said that 86 per cent of illnesses from different cardiovascular conditions could have been prevented or delayed.

NCDs responsible for 65% of female deaths in India

According to the data from India shared on this portal, non-communicable diseases were the cause of 665 per cent or 60.5 lakh deaths in 2019. If observed, this figure was 67 per cent in the case of males, while these diseases were responsible for 65 per cent of deaths. women’s deaths.

It has been found that heart disease accounted for 28 per cent of deaths in the country, cancer 10 per cent, respiratory disease 12 per cent, diabetes 4 per cent, and other non-communicable diseases 12 per cent. At the same time, the probability of premature death in the country from these diseases has been estimated at about 22 per cent.

On the other hand, if we talk about a respiratory disease that has been going on for years, then India is among the countries where the death rate from this cause is highest. In India, this figure is 113 per lakh people. At the same time, in the case of men, it has been estimated at around 126 per lakh.


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