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NGT refuses registration extension for SPG's specialised armoured vehicles

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) on March 22 refused to accept the plea filed by the Special Protection Group (SPG) seeking an extension

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The National Green Tribunal (NGT) on March 22 refused to accept the plea filed by the Special Protection Group (SPG) seeking an extension of the registration periods for three specialised armoured vehicles by five years until December 23, 2029. The plea was to direct the transport department of the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi to allow this extension.

Court denies extension for vehicles

Justice Prakash Shrivastava of the NGT said, despite the vehicles' specialized nature and limited usage over the past decade, that they cannot grant an extension because of the Supreme Court's order from October 29, 2018. This order limits the use of diesel vehicles to a maximum of 10 years, which includes the three armoured vehicles in question.

The applicant pleaded that the Special Protection Group technical logistics consider these vehicles an essential and integral part. He stated that the market does not easily provide these specialised armoured vehicles, which serve a specific protection purpose. Therefore, he argued that the transport department of NCT should extend the registration of the vehicles for an additional five years beyond the 10 years.

Ground Report possesses a copy of the order which shows that the vehicles under discussion, registered under DL1GC3511, DL1GC3512, and DL1GC3513, are integral to the technical logistics of the Special Protection Group responsible for providing security to the Prime Minister and his immediate family members. Even though these vehicles have unique specifications and limited mileage, they are scheduled to register their vehicle's expiry in December 2024, conforming to the Supreme Court's directive on diesel vehicle usage.

The transport department of NCT opposed the plea, citing previous NGT orders and the Supreme Court's mandate regarding diesel vehicle registration periods. They emphasized the specific restrictions imposed on diesel vehicles exceeding 10 years and highlighted that no exceptions could be made for the SPG's armoured vehicles.

The NGT's decision comes after a series of legal exchanges between the SPG and transport authorities, with the latter maintaining that the vehicles in question, being BS-III diesel vehicles, do not qualify for registration extensions beyond the mandated period.

In response to the rejection, the SPG's counsel argued for the vehicles' unique role in security operations and referred to various notifications and court orders. However, the NGT upheld the Supreme Court's directive as applicable to these vehicles, despite their critical operational significance.

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