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The next UN report on climate change is important for India

climate change new report by united nations

Written By – Climate Kahani: An upcoming report of the United Nations (UN) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, focusing on our vulnerability to climate change and our adaptability to it, will prove to be important for India.

To be released on the 28th of this month, this much-awaited report will assess the impacts of climate adaptation and climate change, looking at ecosystems, biodiversity and human communities at the global and regional levels. The report will also review the vulnerabilities and limitations of the world and of humans relative to the climate crisis.

The special thing about this report is that nine Indians have contributed to it. tropical forests, biodiversity hotspots; Water; mountains; poverty and livelihood; and the impact of the climate crisis on Asia, these nine Indians have contributed to in various chapters. The report has been co-authored by 330 authors from around the world.

A UN notes that the technical summary format of this report will include a climate risk framework focusing on the hazards, risks, and vulnerabilities of different regions, as well as their spatial distribution, widespread impact, disaster risk reduction, and Topics like risk uncertainties, etc. will also be mentioned.

This summary will also highlight the importance of adaptation in addressing climate change risks, including diverse adaptation responses, technologies such as nature, and ecosystem-based adaptation. This IPCC note states the scientific, technological and socio-economic aspects of the current and future residual effects of climate change, including residual damage, irreversible damages, and economic and non-economic losses due to slow onset and extreme events.

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Compared to the previous IPCC report, the WGII ​​will this time integrate more of economics and social science, and more clearly highlight the important role social justice plays in adapting to climate change.

Some of the five main points on which the UN report is focused are as follows:

  • 1. Climate change is seriously affecting the people and ecosystems on which we depend
  • 2. Bad weather is causing us unprecedented harm
  • 3. The effects of climate change are getting worse, with marginalized people hurting the most
  • 4. Customization is very important, but much more is needed than this
  • 5. The cost of inaction in this direction far exceeds the cost of reduction and adaptation

In view of all these points, this report will definitely prove to be important for a sensitive country like India and will prove to be helpful for policymakers in deciding the direction and pace of climate action.

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