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New Mountain Man: Harihar Behra a tribal who carved road in 30 Years

New Mountain Man: Harihar Behra Thirty years ago, residents of Tulubi, a remote village in Odisha's Nayagarh district, Harihar Behera,

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New Mountain Man: Harihar Behra

Ground Report | New Delhi: New Mountain Man: Harihar Behra; Thirty years ago, residents of Tulubi, a remote village in Odisha's Nayagarh district, Harihar Behera, a tribal farmer, has repeated what Dashrath Manjhi, also known as the 'Mountain Man', did 40 years ago in Bihar. Harihar Behera, a resident of Tulubi village, worked tirelessly for 30 years to build the road. There was no direct road leading to his village. His family members and other villagers travel a few kilometers around the hill for daily needs.

Residents appealed to the administration to build a three-kilometer road through the hilly forest, connecting their village to the main road. All they needed was a walkable road so that people would not suffer. But the administration rejected his request. The minister reportedly told him that it was impossible. 

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New Mountain Man: Harihar Behra

Harihar Behera, a young man from the village, along with his brother started the road construction work like 'Mountain Man' Dashrath Manjhi, meanwhile Harihar also lost his brother but completed the road work.

When disappointment struck from all sides, Harihar Behera and his brother Krishna felt that if they needed a road, they would have to build it themselves. And they got down to work. Both the brothers engaged in road construction had nothing but a hammer, spade and crowbar. Harihar was around 25-26 years old at that time.

Disappointment drives Harihar to take on an adventure to set the record and when you consider that, after finishing work on his farm, Harihar starts giving the last minute to build the road. After years of hard work, the three-kilometer-long road has become a reality.

“There was no way to go from village to city. We came and went from village to city with great difficulty. We repeatedly asked the district administration for roads in the village, but to no avail. It took us almost 30 years to build the whole road. I am very happy to see this road today. People from other villages come to see the work of our village. I am very happy, ”said Harihar Behera.

Tulubi resident Dinabandhu Jani said, “After the minister said that no one could build a lane for our village, Harihar started building a road through the mountain. We also extended their help.”

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Road has come true now

“While visiting our village, the family used to forget the way and wandered in the forest. Then I get an idea how long we face the trouble and decide to build the road on our own. My elder brother and I worked for Gali after completing the rural works and the road has come true now,” said Harihar.

Meanwhile, Harihar lost his brother too. Krishna Behera died due to kidney disease. After which Harihar continued to do his work alone. The residents of the village express their gratitude to the Goon brothers. “Thanks to Harihar and his brother, we finally got the road a few years back,” said local resident Dinabandhu Jani.

Harihar Behera said, “We had no way to go to the nearby city. Relatives used to forget their way to and from our village and get lost in the forest. About 30 years ago we asked the district administration for roads in the village but When no one listened, my brother and I started building the road, I and my elder brother finished farming and worked on the road. Later other villagers also helped.”

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