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Multiple shots fired at the University of Oklahoma, Live Updates

No active shooter found on University of Oklahoma campus

The University of Oklahoma in Norman, USA, today reported multiple gunshots on its campus via tweet. The shooter is reportedly still on the run.

The University urged people to take immediate action by running, hiding or fighting if necessary, stating that there is an active shooter at Van Vleet Oval.

At around 9:30 p.m. CT, the University of Oklahoma issued a tweet urging individuals to take immediate action as there was an active shooter at the Van Vleet Oval.

The tweet read, “Run. Hide. Fight!” Minutes later, another tweet indicated that the campus police were investigating “possible shots fired” on the campus and advised people to avoid the South Oval area and shelter in place.

As of 10:30 p.m. CT, the university’s shelter-in-place order remained in effect, and the situation was ongoing.


A twitter user said “Active shooter the university of Oklahoma. My little brother’s school. This is horrifying. I’m done. I’m tired. It shouldn’t be like this and we shouldn’t allow this to continue to happen. We have failed these kids.”

Another user said “Good reports that there are no victims at OU. OKC News said that if this was swatting at the University of Oklahoma it was a “mean prank.” It’s way way way beyond that. The psychological damage is real. This is not a victimless incident.”

Another user added “”There’s red and gold confetti everywhere over here.” Multiple reports of #confetti around the #OU library now. Not much context coming in on the Cleveland County united scanner for me right now, so … is this a hoax? Were shots actually fired? Stay tuned for future hell.”

“I got attacked for worrying if there was a mass shooting at University of Oklahoma. A bunch of gun nuts were like it’s ‘only swatting’. YOU KNOW WHAT? MSU WASN’T a fake swatting call. Sandi Hook WASN’T a fake swatting call. Parkland, Oxford & others, sadly too many to name.”

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