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Most dangerous roads in the world

Most dangerous roads in the world; India has three of the most dangerous roads in the world. Seeing these 10 pictures, you will get an idea

By Ground report
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Most dangerous roads in the world

Ground Report | New Delhi: Most dangerous roads in the world; India has three of the most dangerous roads in the world. Seeing these 10 pictures, you will get an idea for yourself why these roads scare the drivers.

Most dangerous roads in the world

Srinagar-Leh Highway

This 443 km long highway connects the Kashmir Valley of India with Leh. This road passing through Zojila Pass is completely covered with snow in winters. In summer, after the snow melts, the highway remains slippery with mud. There is also the danger of falling stones and snowstorms.

Machu Picchu Road

This spiral road in the South American country of Peru connects Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes. This road built on a steep mountain has 11 sharp hairpin bands. The condition of many people becomes poor in crossing this 8.9 km long stretch.

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Route 20

Federal Highway 20 is in the US capital Washington. It becomes impossible to drive in winters on this road with snowy mountains and enchanting plains. Due to snow, even the trucks start sliding on this road.

Skippers Canyon

This road in Queenstown, New Zealand was built 40 years ago for sheep and shepherds. Later on, cars also started running on it. This road is very narrow and has sharp turns. Sheep and carts coming from the front create trouble.

Kinnur Valley

The road leading to the Kinnur Valley of Himachal Pradesh runs along a deep gorge. In many places, this road was made by cutting hard rocks and somewhere on the landslide areas. A major part of the road is a single lane. Due to the slightest mistake, a ditch is hundreds of meters deep.

sa colobra road

The road leading to the village of Sa Colobra on the famous Spanish island of Mayorca looks like this. This 13 km long road has many sharp turns. Buses and trucks cannot go back on this road. At turns, two big vehicles can barely take the pass.

George de Galamu

There is a huge challenge for the road drivers of France. At some places on this road, there is exactly the same space as a car. If another vehicle comes from the front, then a vehicle has to reverse for a long distance and make room to take the pass.

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guoliang tunnel

This road in Xinjiang province of China has been made by cutting hard rock. It was not easy to build this road connecting Guoliang village. During construction in the 1970s, only one meter of road could be cut in three days in rocky terrain. This road has sharp and narrow turns and steep trenches.

grand trunk road

The Grand Trunk Road connecting Amritsar with Kolkata and Chittagong on the one hand and Lahore and Peshawar on the other is the oldest highway in Asia. The length of about 2,700 km, varied geography and extremely busy traffic add this route to the list of dangerous roads.

road of death

This road of Bolivia is called the "Road of Death". This 400-km-long narrow road passes through the mountains to an altitude of 4,000 meters. The 50-km stretch of this road connecting the capital La Paz to Coruero is considered very dangerous.

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