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Modi still popular among people of Indian origin in America: Survey

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A survey has shown that the opinion of people of Indian origin living in America is dividing about India’s policies, BJP is the most popular party among Indians living in America.

A survey has shown that BJP is the most popular party among Indians living in America and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the choice of more than half of the people.

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But the opinions of Indians living in America have been divided regarding violence and use of police force during media attacks and peaceful demonstrations. Most Indians oppose this.

The people involved in the survey kept a liberal opinion on the issues related to America, while their opinion on the issue related to India is more conservative.

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In this research, political opinion of people of Indian origin living in America is known. 39 percent Indians feel that India is moving in the wrong direction, while 36 percent believes that India is on the right path. 67 percent of the people involved in the research have believed that America is on the wrong path. (The data for this question was taken in September 2020).

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Most people of Indian origin born outside America believe that India is on the right track.

At the same time 65 per cent people opposed the use of police forces during demonstrations in India, while 69 per cent considered it wrong to record cases of treason against journalists who criticized the Modi government. At the same time, 55 percent of the people surveyed supported the NRC and 51 percent of the CAA.

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Seven out of ten Hindus in this survey supported Modi while only one in five Muslims supported Modi. At the same time, the opinion of Christian Americans of Indian origin is equally divided.

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