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Home ยป Mob attacks mosque in Gurugram village; beats up namazis

Mob attacks mosque in Gurugram village; beats up namazis

Mob attacks mosque in Gurugram village; beats up namazis

Controversy has flared up again in Gurugram, Haryana. During prayers in a village in Gurugram, some people entered the mosque with weapons and harassed Muslims praying there.

According to ‘The Hindu’, an armed mob entered the mosque and beat up people who were praying in the hall. Along with this, he also threatened to kick his family out of the village.

Mob attacks mosque in Gurugram

In this case, Subedar Nazar Mohammad, who lives in the village of Bhora Kalan, filed a RIS. Four Muslim families live in the village.

Nazar Mohammad said the incident occurred on Wednesday night, but no one had been arrested as of Thursday. He said the dispute started on Wednesday morning when a mob of about 200 people led by Rajesh Chauhan alias Babu, Anil Bhadoria and Sanjay Vyas entered the mosque and threatened worshipers.

Nazar Mohammad says: “In the evening when we were in the prayer room of the mosque, at least 12 people entered the mosque again. They beat the worshipers. Many of them were injured. They closed the prayer room. They threatened to kill us.”

Another victim said that he was attacked when he was offering prayers with two other elderly men.

He said that a group of youths entered the mosque and beat up the people present. They raised slogans and forced everyone to leave the mosque.

According to the police, when they arrived at the scene, the people who caused the disturbance in the mosque had fled.

Case registered

Manesar Deputy Commissioner Manbir Singh told The Hindu that a mobile phone belonging to someone from the mafia was recovered from the mosque.

He said that in this case a case has been registered in various sections of the IPC for incitement of religious sentiments, attempt to incite riots, criminal intimidation and illegal assembly. He said that three people have been named in this case and that it is being investigated.

However, Nazar Mohammad says that an agreement was reached on this matter on Thursday night after the intervention of the village elders. He said that this deal has been done without any pressure.

He says, “We were being harassed for a long time. When the attack happened, we decided to file a complaint. Now that the village elders have apologized and promised that they will not let this happen in the future, we have decided not to drag the matter further away.

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