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Tabish Ejaz Khan, who turns waste into beautiful Art pieces

Tabish Ejaz Khan of Anantnag district

Tabish Ejaz Khan of Anantnag district is one such artist who plays with his two passions. Those who have taught themselves to paint. Along with her studies, Tabish paints on poplar leaves and useless things. Tabish hails from Iqbal Abad in Anantnag district of South Kashmir, currently doing MBBS and possesses tremendous skills in painting.

She is a self-styled painting artist since his school days. She was in class 4 when she first made paintings and since then it became her hobby.

Tabish said, “I started drawing cartoons and drawings at school as a hobby and with practice, my painting skills improved.” In 2016, Tabish completed her schooling and also made paintings while preparing for medical college. At that time he realized that his art is his passion.

Tabish Aijaz khan said my family has been most supportive. I definitely want to thank my parents for being my backbone and supporting and motivating me the best way possible.

“My dad, he is the ist one to share my artworks whenever i upload  Painting definetly was my choice but yes i got inspired  by one of my preschool teacher” Tabish said.

According to Tabish “Communication blockade and lock downs certainly are some of the impediments that confront us. Besides in kashmir there are not many platforms where artists are represented”. 

Appreciation on social media

“I started painting more in 2016 and I used to post pictures of my art on social media for which I got a very good response. This encouraged me to paint more. At first I used to think that it is my hobby but during this time, I realized that it is my passion.

As a painter, Tabish also sees broken cups and poplar leaves as his canvas.

“I paint on canvas sheets, paper, but I also paint on waste materials such as poplar leaves, wood blocks, broken cups, plate egg peels, and stones.

As I believe nothing is useless, it is the way you see the object. When those useless things are painted, it is transformed into a beautiful art work.

Parental response
When asked about his parents’ reaction to his painting, Tabish said, “Currently, I am in the fourth year of my medical course. My parents have always been supportive. He has encouraged me to pursue both painting and MBBS. “

He said, “Painting helps me overcome my stress because my course (medical) is a stressful one.”

Tabish’s mother said, “I am really proud of my daughter. She always wanted to do a medical course and wanted to become a doctor. I am happy to see both his paintings and studies. “

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