Meet Sachin Kumar Meena a Young actor and owner of event company

Sachin Kumar Meena: Being perfect is very hard because one can not be perfect in everything but one can try to be perfect in every aspect of life and this is the real success. Perfection is the backbone of one profession which is acting and talking about acting and we won’t recall young budding actor Sachin Kumar Meena who is not only actor but he is also a member of Delhi pradesh youth congress and he is in Media Marketing and Eklavya Events Company.

Being the CEO & Founder at the age of 25 he has done fantastic work in his career. He started in 2016 as a freelancer casting coordinator work because he is interested in acting, he has done theatre also.

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In 2016 he started with theatre called Paltan and after that he also worked for Aahang theatre and now he give the opportunity to the new artist as per the demand and he is doing exceptionally good work through his company Eklavya events company.

Now he started a work of social media marketing to help youth to earn a livelihood and gain experience in the market of social media marketing. He has started this company in 2020 itself when people are suffering from job crisis and he is actually doing well by providing services to customer as well as the employee.

His company name is Eklavya media which supports digital world. He believes in a simple life style with hard work and passion and he suggests everyone that do what you are passionate about then only you will succeed in life.

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He is inspired by his teachers and Punjab music industry and his aim in life is to set big video/film production house. He influences his 10K followers on Instagram with his hard work and energy and suggest everyone to do what you are made for.

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