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Meet Manu Bebo Kashmir’s first transgender makeup artist

Meet Manu Bebo Kashmir's

Ground Report | New Delhi: Meet Manu Bebo Kashmir’s; Manu Bebo is from Srinagar, Kashmir, and specializes in make-up art. She is 20 years old. She proudly describes herself as the third gender on her Instagram page. Her makeup tutorials are usually viewed by hundreds of people. Manu likes to apply make-up and she does a great job. She is not afraid to look at the camera in her raw make-up.

There’s a transgender person who loves life, and who loves glitz and glamor. People are jealous because there are millions of fans, she said: “Jealousy doesn’t matter, because millions of people love me.” Then she turns her tongue to her lips. In another video, she applies lipstick to a popular scene. Am I a good actress? Send a curse on this question. Have to agree Yes, Bebo, you are a good actress. (Meet Manu Bebo Kashmir’s)

“I realized in seventh grade that I had the spirit of a girl,” she said. Manu denied the lie of living like a boy. Her teachers, colleagues, loved ones, and relatives all ridiculed her for dressing like a girl or behaving like a girl. Many times her teachers punished her for ‘behaving like a girl.

“Make-up is something I always enjoy and when someone gets a chance to start their career with such an interest, then why isn’t it done?” Said Manu, who is fluent in English, Speak and write. Manu started her project four years ago and with her hard work and dedication, she has made a name for herself everywhere in Kashmir, she said. She has thousands of followers on social media and this number is growing.

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Manu knew no other way. She felt like a girl and she started to be the same. Her parents were very angry. She stopped talking to them several times. Her behavior was very strange. Manu was the only child in the family’s marriage who was not invited. But as she realized, she did not allow the truth of her gender to be hidden.

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Manu knows that there are people who reject young people because they are clear about their gender. They have made it a part of their development. “I buy the best makeup products to give my customers the best,” says Manu. I want to be a good makeup expert. “Some of her make-up bookings have been canceled because some families are unable to digest the fact that she is a transgender.

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She has about 12,000 followers on Instagram. Manu says she wants to be a role model for transgender people, which will motivate them to live on their own terms and never let them down. She provides make-up tutorials so that anyone who wants to learn this skill can learn and live as a make-up artist.

Manu says that now her parents are accepting more than before because she earns well. She supports the family financially. Her father Muhammad Amin is an architect and her mother is a housewife. “Being financially secure is a way to make sure people let you live on your own terms,” ​​says Manu.  

Then there is no conflict with society. They have accepted their sexual identity with courage and truth. Manu says she has learned to deal with the pain she has suffered. She decided to be so successful that hateful comments did not have a personal or professional effect. Manu wants to work for the welfare of the transgender community. She says, “Never lose hope. Trust God, She will always take care of you.”

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