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Meet Dr. Mital Patel from Gujarat: Vedic mathematics leader

Meet Dr. Mital Patel from Gujarat

Ground Report | New Delhi: Meet Dr. Mital Patel from Gujarat; Born in Jamnagar Gujarat dynamic and full of talent Dr. Mital Patel is a one-man army when it comes to solving the mathematical fears of the students.

Starting her journey from 1998 from just one school she has in past one decade reached more than 227 schools with her workshops on Vedic mathematics. She has been able to touch the lives of more than fifty thousand positively solving their anxiety revolving around the subject of mathematics.

She has been among the pioneers of Vedic mathematics in the Gujarat state.

Dr. Mital Patel states, “I started in 1998 with one Government school free of cost to help the students shun their fears revolving around the subject of mathematics. Mathematics is usually the subject students fear and I wanted to resolve same. I have focussed on failure students via my Vedic mathematics workshops and the results have been hundred percent. Nothing is impossible if we stay determined and focused. It gives me pleasure to share that I have been among the brains that have led to starting of the positive development of starting a dynamic subject like Vedic mathematics across Gujarat.”

The proponents of Vedic mathematics believe Using regular mathematical steps, solving problems sometimes are complex and time-consuming. But using Vedic Mathematic’s General Techniques (applicable to all sets of given data) and Specific Techniques (applicable to specific sets of given data), numerical calculations can be done very fast.

She is currently producing many online courses to help in the brain development of scores of students of the country via breaking taboos related to the subject of mathematics.

Students from different corners of Gujarat having benefited from her Vedic mathematics acumen are in praise of her personality.

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