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Dubai marriage vs alternatives Georgia and Seychelles

Before getting married in Dubai, non-Muslims must complete the requirements and provide specific documentation.

By Pallav Jain
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Due to its abundance of prospects for success, Dubai is valued by many individuals. It is hardly surprising that so many foreigners migrate to the nation daily. Dubai is a culturally diverse city with solid moral principles governing society. While considering Dubai marriage and its alternatives in Georgia and Seychelles, it's important to keep in mind that Georgia is also a great destination for entrepreneurial ventures; if you're thinking about starting a business there, explore the process of Georgia LLC Registration to get started on the right foot.

Expats can desire to get married later on once they've settled locally. Before getting married in Dubai, non-Muslims must complete the requirements and provide specific documentation. Because marriage in the UAE is so complicated and demanding, most residents, particularly foreigners, have had several issues with weddings there. Persons with travel visas are among the most frequent visitors. It is also essential to know how to get married if one resides in the United Arab Emirates. Continue reading to find out how to get married in the UAE while on a tourist visa. The prerequisites for getting married in Dubai will be covered in this post. Georgia and Seychelles will be suggested as options.

Do foreigners have the option of getting married in Dubai?

Yes, foreign nationals living in Dubai are allowed to wed there. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that:

  1. With the proper courts or embassies, the marriage must be registered appropriately.
  2. As permitted by the laws of their home nations, non-Muslim foreigners may be married in Dubai.

Critical prerequisites for getting married in Dubai while on a visit visa

When travelling on a visit visa, these are the key things to know about UAE weddings!

  1. Muslim marriages for expatriates and locals are performed in Dubai and other regions of the UAE following Sharia regulations, which are applicable regardless of the couple's nationality.
  2. Non-Muslim expat marriage and registration of unions at the embassy or consulate of the couple's home countries are both lawful in Dubai.
  3. After a Christian expat couple is married in one of Dubai's churches, an embassy or consulate may confirm their union.
  • If the expat couple is from two separate countries, the marriage must be legally registered with each of their respective embassies in the UAE.

General requirements for getting married in Dubai while on a visit visa

  1. Acceptance of marriage proposal 

One of the essential prerequisites is the bride's acceptance or willingness.

  1. Valid Residence Visa.

One of the partners must have a valid residence Visa. However, if the woman goes to Dubai with her father or another legal guardian, the man's residence visa will be sufficient to marry the girl. By doing so, the couple can complete the formal marriage procedure.

  • Medical screening report

The spouse on a visit visa must also provide the results of their medical tests.

  • Man with a visit visa

The father's or guardian's papers of the woman the groom aspire to marry will be needed if he is in the UAE on a visit visa for his medical examination. A particular document establishing her marital status is required if the bride is divorced or widowed.

  • A certificate of no objection

If the bride is Muslim and her parent or legal guardian is not a Muslim, she additionally needs a No Objection Certificate from her embassy or consulate. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will also need to approve the No Objection Certificate for the couple. Legal translation into Arabic is also necessary.

  • Jewish or Christian women

The woman must be accompanied by her legal guardian, father, or the legal guardian's designee if she is Jewish or Christian. If this is not possible, the judge may act as her guardian. Furthermore, the couple will need two witnesses.

  • Additional imperative conditions

A passport, emirate ID, birth certificate, death certificate, and divorce decree from a prior marriage are among the crucial papers you must show to the court. Important facts should be filled out on the marriage application form as well.


For Muslims, a wedding in Dubai is straightforward, but this is not always the case for non-Muslims. Expats might think of places like Georgia and Seychelles for their weddings. Georgia and Seychelles offer simple marriage rules that won't put the pair under undue strain. Additionally, they provide peaceful settings that are excellent for weddings. If expats think about these straightforward marriage possibilities, they will benefit themselves.


Georgia, a lovely nation, provides fantastic chances for planning your wedding.

In Georgia, it is allowed to be married if you're at least 18 and have the required documents.

Due to the lack of nationality- or religion-based limitations on civil unions, the nation is quite alluring to foreign couples.


It is quick and easy to be married in the Seychelles, which is lovely. There won't be a ton of paperwork to worry about from the bride and groom, either. Additionally, expats from Dubai who marry people from other countries find it easier to be married on a Seychelles beach.

You will get legal documentation after your marriage that the UAE will recognise (be sure to obtain the Attested Marriage Documents).

A wedding in Seychelles is perhaps the most incredible option for foreign couples who don't have much time to organise one. You may enjoy a straightforward, stress-free wedding that is also recognised globally.

How can the Dubai court marriage help foreigners with wedding in Dubai?

As a result, you should consult one of our marriage lawyers at the Dubai Court Marriage if you're a visitor and planning for a wedding in Dubai but having problems doing so. Our skilled marriage lawyers will help you with all the paperwork and ensure that all the processes are followed, from the marriage application through the issuance and attestation of the marriage certificate. Even if you live in Dubai, getting married, there is difficult, particularly if you have a visit visa.

Your task will be much easier to handle with the help of our marriage attorneys at Dubai Court Marriage. You may consult our skilled family and marriage lawyer for legal guidance in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and other UAE emirates.


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