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Manifesto of Congress, Might be future of Bihar

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There is talk all around in India about incoming Bihar assembly elections 2020. Different parties have brought their own agendas and let them being set up, no one knows where the bet wins.

This time Congress Party leader and Bihar in-charge Shakti Singh Gohil has issued fresh new announcements on behalf of the Congress party.

Shakti Singh Gohil told if party comes in power, then party will fulfill the following hopes:

(1) Forgive debt of the farmers.

(2) Forgive the electricity bill

(3) Will increase the irrigation facilities

(4) Just as the Agriculture Bill was introduced in Punjab, similarly the same bill will be implemented in Bihar.

This manifesto has been released by the Congress Party in the presence of Shakti Singh Gohil, President of Media and Communications, Department of Congress, Randeep Singh Surjewala, State Congress President Dr. Madan Mohan Jha and other party leaders.

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This manifesto has been given the name of the change letter by the party, now it remains to be seen whether it changes into reality or remains a dream.

Congress leader Raj Babbar also said that if the Congress comes to power, it will pay 15 ,000 rupees every month to the unemployed and will also give 10 lakh job in the first cabinet meeting of the new government.

The Congress Party’s manifesto 

Dept of farmers will be given clean chit, electricity bill will be half and justice will be given to daughters.

 15,000 rupees monthly salary to the unemployed, employment to fulfill vacant seats for 4lakh and 50 thousand blank post within 18 month.

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Savitribai Phule Education scheme

 Shri Krishna Singh Players Promotion Scheme

Rajiv Gandhi Rojgar Mitra Yojana

 Tractor registration free

 Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Drinking Water Rights Scheme

Dr. Rajendra Prasad vridha SammanScheme

Kapuri Thakur Suvidha Kendra to be made to provide information to laborers

Bihar Devalaya Travel Scheme

Congress will give voice to the landless

Free scooty for promising daughters

Mobile Animal Hospital for Animals

Padak Lao, paad pao for young sportspersons of Bihar.

Bihar assembly elections 2020 it will be held between in between 28 October to 7 November and its results will be announced on 10 November 2020.

Let’s see who will win.If you have any idea then please comment below and like and subscribe.