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Man murders friend, chops off private parts after fight over girlfriend

private parts chops; A 21 years old man stabbed his childhood friend to death over a girl in Maharashtra's Bhiwandi. The accused

By Ground report
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A 21 years old man stabbed his childhood friend to death over a girl in Maharashtra's Bhiwandi. The accused allegedly stabbed the victim nine times, cut off his private parts and stuffed them into the victim's mouth. The terrible incident occurred on Sunday night.

The accused liked the deceased's girlfriend and by refusing to leave her he murdered him. The deceased is identified as Shamim Ansari and the accused, who owns two shops, is identified as Aslam Ansari, the Hindustan Times reported.

Both of them were childhood friends and they met every day and shared many things with each other. The fight between the two started recently when Aslam developed feelings for Shamim's girlfriend.

According to police, Shamim allegedly had more than five girlfriends. Aslam stated that he never took any of his girlfriends seriously. Aslam told the police that he had asked Shamim not to hurt the feelings of one of her girlfriends and for him to have a serious relationship with her, however, Shamim did not take it seriously. This led to fights between the two.

Aslam further said that Shamim was not ready to leave her, and it was then that he warned her that she would cut off her private parts so that she would no longer be useful to her girlfriends. Police said that in a fit of rage, Aslam beat Shamim, stabbed him in the eyes and nine other parts of her body, then cut off her private parts and stuffed them into Shamim's mouth. After he came to his senses, he fled the scene.

A criminal branch official said, “We learned about the incident when the deceased's worker arrived at the hotel in the morning and other neighbours saw blood stains. We immediately began to investigate and found that the accused Aslam was with him."

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