5 Proven Ways to Make Your Dogs Healthier

A dog is one of the few animals that have provided undying loyalty to humans. No matter the situation, your dog will never judge and will always be there for you. As a result, responsible dog owner also needs to go the extra mile to make their dog healthy and in good condition.

A healthy dog is a happy dog. However, like humans, several things can affect a dog and deteriorate its health. Dogs could be victims of parasites, viruses, ticks, lice, and other microorganisms that could make their life unbearable.

As a result, one needs to be proactive and seek helpful ways to prevent and combat various illnesses that might affect your dog. This article will explore multiple proven ways that can help:


There are several natural supplements you can use to upgrade and sustain your dog’s health. One such substance is CBD. This is a derivative of the hemp plant with a series of natural substances that can improve your dog’s health.

CBD purchased from reputable dealers is safe for dogs and can upgrade their health in many ways. It can help relieve anxiety, calm the nerves, reduce pain, especially in older dogs, and have many other health effects.

The effect of CBD in humans is similar to animals. You can consider CBD for dogs to improve their overall health and take care of various issues that might want to limit or degrade their health.

how to take care of a dog CBD

Optimum Nutrition

You need the proper nutrition to keep your dog healthy. Food is crucial as it affects your dog’s various things, like the coat, energy level, intestinal function, and skin. Should any of these have an issue, you should check the diet.

Ensure your meal choice is high quality made by a trusted company. If you have the time, consider homemade foods and how such a meal will affect your dog in the next couple of weeks. Better still, consider getting recommendations from your vet about good quality food.

Check the coat constantly, and see if it is shiny and free of flakes. However, it should not be greasy. What about the energy level? If their activity level reduces, something might be wrong.

The weight can be traced to the nature of the meal as well. Many dogs with the wrong meal choice could be obese. An adjustment in diet might help correct this. Also, inadequate weight might be an issue with the food.

Watch out for diarrhea or vomiting as well. This might also be due to a sudden alteration in the dog’s meal. The best action course is a gradual switch, except the vet advises otherwise.

Constant Exercise

All dogs need exercise for improved health – both mental and physical. It helps stimulate their mind, keep the weight in check, and reduce stress. A well-exercised dog will have less energy, reducing the tendency to exhibit destructive behaviors like chewing on furniture, carpets, or whatever priced possession you have, or even acting out.

Besides, when your dog is well exercised, chances of separation anxiety will be low, reducing any tendency of behavioral problems.

You also need enough exercise to release all your dog’s excess energy from food. Your household items will suffer if this extra energy is not channeled elsewhere. Exercising them will keep off excess weight as well.

On average, dogs need two hours of exercise per day. However, this depends on the dog’s size, age, breed, and activity level. Ensure you exercise your dog accordingly.

Consider Giving a Dog Massage

The same way humans love and look forward to massaging as a means of stress relief, it will also benefit your dog immensely. With good massage, you can expel tension, calm their nerves and improve their physical and mental health.

Your dog will enjoy maximum blood circulation lower stress levels, with an improved bond between you and the dog. It can go a long way to calm your dog’s nerves in a distressing situation.

To make the massage session effective, communicate with your dog, and let him know you are about to give her a massage. During the massage as well, keep the communications going. Commence the massage from the head and gradually work your way to other body parts. Move-in circular motion and migrate to the neck and other body parts. Try and concentrate on body parts the dog cannot reach itself.

Take note of the front, back, and legs. Note any part of the dog where it gives the impression of discomfort and update your vet.

Care for the teeth

Ensure you don’t ignore your dog’s dentition as well. Waiting until your dog has a foul mouth odor before taking care of the mental health is not a good idea. Yet, bad breath in a dog could be a pointer of a terrible underlying health issue, especially in the mouth.

When tartar and plaque build up in the mouth, it can trigger some health issues. Ensure you concentrate on taking care of their dental health. Constant brushing of the teeth – once a week is a good idea. Consider oral rinses, dental treats, and others if teeth brushing seem too much.

Above all, never wait until you have a dental issue before taking care of their teeth. Your vet is in the best to advise you concerning the best care for your dog’s dentition.

how to take care of dog health


You need not wait till your dog develops a health issue before taking care of their health. One can make the following tips a habit to provide your dog with a healthy physical and mental life.

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