Major preparations of army, arms will be increased for 15 days war

China continues to build on the border, CDS Rawat said – three forces ready

Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) Bipin Rawat on Monday targeted the neighboring country amidst a continuing India-China standoff on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) of eastern Ladakh. He has said that India is ready to deal with any situation with China.

CDS Bipin Rawat said, “We are in a deadlock in Ladakh and based on this there is some development activity going on in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China.” Every country will continue to make preparations to ensure its security. ”He said,“ I want to assure you that we are fully prepared to face any eventuality.

At the same time, CDS Rawat said that the other party (Pak) should be more concerned about the ceasefire violations being perpetrated on LoC by Pakistan. We are all set. He said that now the time has come for us to see the future of war fought with technology. We have enough strength on the northern borders to face any threat or challenges.

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LAC between India and China has been in confrontation since April. China has deployed 60,000 troops near the Indian border in eastern Ladakh, raising tension on LAC in April-May to protest against Indian infrastructure. They also have large quantities of tanks and heavy weapons. India exerted the same power to respond to any Chinese adventurousness. At the same time, military level negotiations are going on in both countries. The military commanders of both countries have held 8 rounds of talks, and the ninth round is to be held soon. However, due to the tricks of China, there is no way out yet.

Preparations to deal with war-like situation

This statement from the CDS came after the news that it was told that the army has been asked to collect ammunition for the war. News agency ANI quoted its sources as saying that the military forces have been asked to keep sufficient ammunition stock for the 15-day war. For this, the process of procurement can also begin. Explain that before this, there is a rule to collect ammunition for 10 days of war. But now, given the current situation, it is being done for 15 days. That is, if there is no shortage of ammunition for the first 15 days of the war, if necessary.

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China has become a major challenge for India in Ladakh, on the other hand, Pakistan is also looking for opportunities. If anything happens to China, Pakistan can also attack India. In such a situation, army and senior officers are constantly preparing. So that any such situation can be dealt with.


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