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LSR student suicide; family says hit by lockdown, unable to fund studies

Most of the people faced financial problems due to the lockdown imposed to prevent the infection of Coronavirus in the country and its effect is still intact. The latest case has come from Telangana. The student of Delhi’s prestigious Lady Shri Ram College (LSR) has committed suicide in her hometown.

Delhi’s LSR College Students’ Union and other student organizations staged a protest on Monday demanding the resignation of Union Minister of Science Technology, Dr. Harsh Vardhan; Aishwarya, a student of LSR College, committed suicide due to financial crisis.

Aishwarya, a Telangana resident who was the state topper in the 12th grade board exams, was selected for the Inspire Scholarship Scheme offered by the Ministry of Science and Technology, SFI Delhi President Sumit Kataria said, “After March, when students and their parents Had to face the financial crunch, the ministry withheld the scholarship amount.”

He said “the lockdown and the mixed result of non release of the scholarship amount forced Aishwarya to take this step, we institutionalize Aishwarya’s suicide by killing a promising student from a backward background Believe “

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LSR Students Association Secretary Unnimaya, JNUSU President Aishi Ghosh and SFI State Secretary Board Member and former LSR Student Comrade Monica were present in the protest against Aishwarya’s death on Monday, said LSR Students Union General Secretary Unimaya Was warned about the condition of the students, despite this the administration did nothing, “

JNU Students Union President Aishi Ghosh said, This government has not been providing students since March, this is why Aishwarya’s death has happened, Dr. Harsh Vardhan should resign from the post of minister with moral responsibility.”

According to the student organizations, until Aishwarya gets justice and demands are not met, there will be continuous agitation, the student organizations want Union Minister Harshavardhan to resign immediately on moral grounds taking responsibility for the incident,.

Aishwarya’s father Srinivasa Reddy said that when the daughter got admission in the prestigious college last year, she had mortgaged her one-bedroom house for Rs 2 lakh.

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He said, ‘I am still repaying the loan.’ He opened a motorcycle repair shop in March this year, but had to close the shop due to lockdown. He further said, “I had to close the shop within a month due to the lockdown, although it has now reopened, but the earnings are very less.”

He further said, ‘My daughter returned home in February after the college was closed. In October, she asked if I could buy a laptop for her, as online classes had started and she was having difficulty attending the class on her phone. I told her to stop for a few days. After this, she did not ask again. A few days later, she told that the scholarship amount she would get would be delayed.

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