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Loss of environment cannot be calculated with compensation amount

Loss of environment

Ground Report | New Delhi: Loss of environment; Now a day there are a lot of cases related to environmental degradation. A Huge Violation of the environment in Rajasthan came to the headlines now. RTI activist D.N. Tiwari raised his voice against this violation in Rajasthan and filed a case in the Hon’ble court of the national green tribunal.

D.N. Tiwari said that the Government of Rajasthan dated 10.07.1980, 310.99acre lands of village Malipura of forest division Bhurakheda was given for the development of range extension. A contract of construction of railway line was taken by M/s GR infra projects Ltd from Tejpal Gupta mining engineer of Dholpur.

“Wherein soil taking work was given to M/s palm constructions and suppliers, previously no objection certificate was issued but later on the officer of the regional forest officer, Dholpur cancelled the NOC given on Khasra no. 502/25,502/25,503/25,509/25,503/25 in village Malipur tehsil and district Dholpur,” Tiwari said.

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But after some time the mining department has also cancelled the permission of digging the soil (STP) issued in favour of the project proponent on 12.11.2018. the applicant has raised an issue in the court for the restitution of forest and above Khasras the applicant also wants fair action and compensation on the violators.

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After hearing the case NGT organized a joint investigation team for the above and this team was headed by Lalit mangal (M E minerals department, Dholpur Rajasthan), Rajkumar Meena assistant Environmental engineer Rajasthan state pollution board, and Kailash Chandra Meena deputy conservator of forests, Dholpur Rajasthan. 

The above-mentioned officers have given their reports in court. But the applicant DN Tiwari said that there is a possibility of the complicity of the joint investigation team in the report presented in the NGT. According to the applicant, the actual amount of damage was not calculated.

Although after hearing the rival contention of the parties, NGT gave the advice to the applicant D.N. Tawari that he may file a complaint case before the court of jurisdiction for punishment as per provisions contained in the environmental (protection) act, 1986. (Loss of environment)

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The report given by the team reveals that there is an extraction without the authority and without permission, thus we directed the state control pollution board to assess the environmental compensation according to the parameter already laid down, fixed and realize & to credit to the account of central pollution control board which shall be utilized according to law for environmental purposes”. Hon’ble NGT said in its order.

“I will surely file the case in criminal court against the violators. Because the harm on the environment cannot only be fulfilled by the compensation appropriate action must be taken he has a deep faith on Indian constitution.” D.N. Tiwari said.

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