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Look forward to working closely together: PM Modi congratulates Joe Biden

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated Joe Biden and Kamala for winning the presidential and VP lection.

By Ground Report
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PM Modi spoke for the first time on Taliban-Afghanistan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated Joe Biden for winning the presidential election. PM Modi has called the victory of Joe Biden spectacular. The Prime Minister also congratulated Kamala Harris and remembered her roots from India. Kamala Harris's mother was from Tamil Nadu.

Modi wrote on Twitter, "Your success is great. Your victory not only makes your relatives in India proud but also is a moment of pride for all Indian-American citizens. Modi and Trump's friendship was discussed throughout the term, but it remains to be seen how relationships with the Biden administration are formed. Although it is being said that India and the US are important partners, changing the government will not affect relations with India.

Biden expressed concern over Kashmir and CAA

However, Biden had expressed concern about Kashmir and CAA in his election campaign. Biden released his policy paper during the election campaign. In it, there were concerns about human rights in CAA and Kashmir. Joe Biden said that all rights of Kashmiris should be restored.

Biden had said that India should take whatever steps can be taken to restore the rights of Kashmiris. Along with this, Biden also expressed disappointment about India's Citizenship Amendment Act i.e. CAA. Biden also called the National Register of Citizens (NRC) disappointing.

As stated in a policy paper published on Biden's campaign website, "India has an old tradition of secularism and multi-racial, multi-religious democracy." In such a situation, these decisions of the government are completely opposite.

This policy paper by Joe Biden was published from the Agenda for Muslim-American Communities title. In this policy paper of Biden about Kashmir, it was said, "To restore the rights of Kashmir people, India should take every step. Restrictions on disagreement, stopping peaceful demonstrations, shutting down or slowing down internet service, weaken democracy. ''

In this paper, along with Kashmir, it was also talked about the Vegar Muslims of China and the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar. Biden's policy paper read, "Muslims of America remain concerned about what is happening in Muslim-majority countries and countries where Muslims have a significant population." 

I understand his pain. It is shameful to force Vigar Muslims to stay in surveillance camps in western China. If Biden becomes President of the United States, he will raise his voice against detention camps in Xinjiang. As president, Biden will take some concrete steps on this. Whatever has happened and is happening to Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar is gruesome. This puts peace and stability at stake. ''

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