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List of Muslim candidates who qualified UPSC 2023

List of Muslim candidates who qualified UPSC 2023

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has announced the results of the 2022 Civil Services Examination (CSE). Among the top 10 of the UPSC, there is a Muslim candidate who has achieved a prominent position.

Of the 933 candidates who successfully made it to the final list, an impressive 29 candidates are from the Muslim community.

UPSC conducted the main exam in September 2022, followed by face-to-face interviews from January to May 2023.

List of Muslim candidates qualified UPSC with ranks

S. No.NameRank
1Waseem Ahmad Bhat7
2Muskan Dagar72
3Naveed Ahsan Bhat84
4Asad Zuber86
5Aamir Khan154
7Ayasha Fatima184
8Shaik Habeebulla189
9Zufishan Haque193
10Manan Bhat231
11Aakip Khan268
12Moin Ahamd296
13Mohammad Idul Ahmed298
14Arshad Muhammed350
15Rashida Khatoon354
16Aiman Rizwan398
17Arshia Chavi Thakur406
18Mohamed Riswin441
19Mohd Irfan476
20Sayed Mohammed Husain570
21Qazi Ayesha Ibrahim586
22Muhammed Afzel599
23Mohammed Yakub612
24Mohd Shada642
26Taskeen Khan736
27Mohammed Siddiq Shariff745
28Akhila B S760
29Md Burhan Zaman768
30Fathima Haris774
31Iram Choudhary852
32Sherin Shahana T K913
Muslim candidates who qualified UPSC 

The top three positions in the 2022 UPSC CSE have been secured by women. Ishita Kishore has emerged as the overall topper, followed by Garima Lohia in second and Uma Harithi N in third.

Muslims in UPSC – Previous Years Record

Over the past decade, the performance of Muslim candidates on the UPSC Civil Services Examination has varied. Last year, of the 1,823 candidates called for face-to-face interviews, only 21 Muslims made the UPSC Civil Services 2021 Merit List, marking the lowest performance in a decade.

YearNumber of Muslim Candidates Qualified

Furthermore, in 2010, among the 875 selected candidates, 21 were Muslim, with Kashmir’s Dr. Shah Faisal emerging as the topper at the national level. In 2009, a total of 31 Muslims made it to the list of 791 selected candidates.

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