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Snake Found Under Bike Seat in Vadodara, Rescued Safely

In Vadodara, Gujarat, a motorcyclist discovered a 4-foot non-venomous snake under his bike seat. Wildlife SOS-GSPCA Rapid Response Unit rescued snake, attributing its unusual refuge to urbanization. The snake was safely released into a natural habitat

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Snake Found Under Bike Seat in Vadodara, Rescued Safely
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In an unusual incident in Vadodara, Gujarat, a motorcyclist was surprised to discover an unexpected passenger - a snake coiled up under his bike seat. The event, which took place on Sun Pharma Road, led to a swift rescue operation by the joint Wildlife SOS-GSPCA Rapid Response Unit.

The rider, who was out on his regular day's work, spotted the reptile quietly stationed under his seat. Showing commendable presence of mind, he immediately contacted the Wildlife SOS-GSPCA emergency rescue helpline for assistance.

Responding to the call, the organization dispatched a trained rescuer to the location. Upon inspection, the snake was identified as a common trinket (Coelognathus helena helena), measuring approximately 4 feet in length. After conducting an on-site health assessment, the rescuer confirmed that the snake was in good condition and subsequently released it into a nearby natural habitat.

Raj Bhavsar, Project Coordinator at Wildlife SOS and President of GSPCA, explained the possible reason behind the snake's unusual choice of refuge. "The snake may have been seeking shelter from the heat," he said. "Our team has rescued various snake species, including venomous cobras, from two-wheelers in the city. Thankfully, the common trinket is harmless and non-venomous."

Bhavsar also highlighted the impact of their ongoing efforts, stating, "Due to our continuous rescue and awareness initiatives, people are becoming more responsible and sensitive towards wild animals."

Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-founder and CEO of Wildlife SOS, pointed out how such incidents reflect the effects of urbanization on wildlife. "Urbanization is modifying habitats and pushing species into corners, leaving them with limited options," he said. "In this case, the snake found no alternative but to take shelter inside a bike."

Satyanarayan expressed gratitude towards the bike owner for his thoughtful actions. "We are thankful to the rider who contacted Wildlife SOS promptly and remained patient throughout the rescue operation," he added.

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