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Scorching Heatwave in Rajasthan, 9 die of suspected heat stroke

India faces deadly heatwave in Rajasthan with nine fatalities, and severe heat impacts elections in New Delhi. Kerala battles heavy pre-monsoon rains causing floods and fatalities. Climate change raises concerns across the country.

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Scorching Heatwave in Rajasthan, 9 die of suspected heat stroke

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An intense heatwave in India has claimed at least nine lives in Rajasthan due to heat stroke, as temperatures soared to record levels.

According to Reuters, state disaster management officials haven't determined the cause of the deaths, as medical examinations are ongoing. Local media attribute the fatalities to people falling sick in the heat.

Barmer, Rajasthan recorded hit (119.84°F) on Thursday, making it the hottest place in the country. Weather officials have warned of heatwave to severe heatwave conditions in Rajasthan, Punjab, and Haryana.

The searing heat is a concern during India's general elections, with New Delhi set to vote on Saturday in temperatures forecast to be around 45°C (113°F).

India's summer temperatures peak in May, but scientists predict more heatwave days this year due to fewer non-monsoon thundershowers and an active but weakening El Niño.

Indian weather officials declare a heatwave when the maximum temperature reaches 40°C or more in the plains, and the departure from normal maximum temperature is at least 4.5°C.

While northern India grapples with the intense heatwave, the southern state of Kerala has been battling pre-monsoon rains that are significantly heavier than normal. At least seven people have died in the state due to floods, which have also disrupted flight schedules in some areas.

The extreme weather conditions across the country have raised concerns about the impact of climate change and the need for better preparedness and mitigation measures to safeguard lives and minimize disruptions.

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