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BMC's Coastal Road Project Faces Criticism Over Structural Concerns

The BMC's coastal road project faces scrutiny due to structural concerns, including cracks and seepage, prompting social media criticism and calls for better contractor accountability and stricter quality control.

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BMC's Coastal Road Project Faces Criticism Over Structural Concerns

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The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation's (BMC) ambitious coastal road project faces scrutiny for potential structural issues before completion. Recent incidents have raised questions about the project's quality and long-term viability, sparking criticism on social media.

The Everard Nagar subway on the Eastern Express Highway in Sion Chunabhatti is a concern. Social media users shared videos showing wide cracks and reports of permanent water and sewage seepage. The Maharashtra Navanirman Chitraput Karmachari Dalachi Fauj (M.N.C.D.F) has urged the BMC to address the issue. They cited the potential risk of structural damage due to the deep cracks caused by leakages and seepages.

The situation has sparked discussions on Twitter, with users expressing concerns about the construction quality and calling for action from authorities, including Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. "Good quality file complaint against contractor and @nitin_gadkari engineer who pass the bridge," tweeted Amrit Shethiya.

"It's time to call national tenders for infra projects to get the best contractors, rather than limiting it to a group of sub-standard contractors with political backing," criticizing the selection process.

This comes just a month after the first phase of the nine-km coastal road from Worli to Marine Drive opened to the public on March 11. The road cost around Rs 13,000 crore. Cracks were soon spotted on the new roads, raising doubts about their durability. BMC officials claimed these were minor cracks filled with epoxy, but the recurring issues have fueled skepticism among citizens. "Waiting for the Crash. Phir saab kaam karengey," tweeted R B Zakaas, suggesting inaction until a major incident occurs.

The coastal road project in Mumbai faces criticism for its potential environmental impact.

Critics have called for stricter quality control measures and accountability from contractors involved in the project. Some have suggested inviting national-level tenders to bring in more experienced and reputable contractors to ensure the infrastructure's long-term sustainability. "It shows the thukpati work done by dangerous forwork by the contractor, risking people's safety before any act happen," tweeted ANIL CHATWANI.

As the coastal road project progresses, the BMC faces mounting pressure to address these concerns and ensure the safety and durability of the infrastructure, which is crucial for the city's future development.

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