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32,572 Trees to be cut for Bangalore Suburban Railway Project

The Bangalore Suburban Railway Project will require the cutting down of 32,572 trees, with over half located in Akkupet near Devanahalli. K-RIDE has pledged to plant ten trees for each tree felled and will hold a public consultation on June 14.

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32572 Trees to be cut for Bangalore Suburban Railway Project
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As many as 32,572 trees will be cut down to build the Bangalore Suburban Railway Project (BSRP), according to reports. Approximately 55 percent of these trees are located in Akkupet near Devanahalli, where K-Ride has planned a depot for train maintenance.

32,572 trees axed for Bangalore Suburban Rail Project

K-RIDE, the Railway Infrastructure Development Company Karnataka, announced it will plant ten trees for each tree that is felled or transplanted. A public consultation meeting will be held on June 14 to provide more information about the project.

The details were released on Wednesday after the publication of the social and environmental impact assessment report for the 149-km suburban railway project, which is expected to transport approximately 9.84 lakh people once completed in the coming years.

The Bangalore Suburban Railway project will feature four corridors or lines and 58 stations. K-Ride mentioned that the Greater Bengaluru Mahanagara Palika (BBMP) has so far granted permission to cut down 2,098 trees and transplant another 178 trees.

A total of Rs 8.07 crore has already been deposited with BBMP for the planting of 22,760 trees under compensatory afforestation, which involves planting ten trees for every tree felled. The civic body has been actively planting trees at various locations in the city and has transplanted 59 trees so far.

Tree felling permissions are closely monitored by BBMP's Tree Expert Committee (TEC). Necessary permissions to cut or transplant trees are issued only after physical inspection of each tree, according to K-Ride. BBMP will also maintain the saplings, a K-Ride official confirmed.

Many trees are outside BBMP

Most of the 17,505 trees in Akkupet are eucalyptus and acacia trees. Of the remaining 15,067 trees, only 13,996 are within BBMP jurisdiction. In total, 18,576 trees are located outside the city limits.

An official release stated that of the total trees proposed to be axed, 17,505 are in the Akkupete depot area, which is in Devanahalli and beyond BBMP limits. These trees are mostly eucalyptus and acacia, with eucalyptus trees being undesirable due to their known drawbacks.

Of the remaining 15,067 trees across all four corridors of the 148.1 km suburban rail project, 1,071 trees are beyond BBMP limits, and 13,996 trees are within BBMP limits. To date, BBMP has permitted the cutting of 2,098 trees and the transplantation of 178 trees.

The environmental and social impact reports have been prepared and uploaded on the company's website at kride.in/sub-urban-rail-project/. The public consultation meeting will be held at Anugraha Community Hall at MG Railway Colony in the city. For more details, visit: www.kride.in.

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