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Lakhbir Singh’s crippled father mourn, say ‘Jaan Se kyu Maar Dala’

Lakhbir Singh's crippled father

Ground Report | New Delhi: Lakhbir Singh’s crippled father; On Friday, a Dalit youth Lakhbir Singh was murdered on the Singhu Border, the border of Haryana and Delhi. Lakhbir Singh was killed near the stage of the Farmers‘ Protest on the Singhu border. He was later hanged with a rope and his hand was cut off.

Speaking to the media, Singh’s father-in-law said at his home in Tarn Taran, “He was lured to go there. It should be probed and he should get justice.” (Lakhbir Singh’s crippled father)

His sister Raj Kaur reveals that Lakhbir took Rs 50 and said that he was going to work in Chabal and would return after seven days. She said, “I thought he had gone there to work. He was not such a person (to insult the Guru Granth Sahib) criminals should be punished.”

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Lakhbir Singh, also known as Titu, was cremated in the presence of police in his native village Cheema Kalan late Saturday evening by his family members without any ‘ardas’ in the absence of the panchayat. In the absence of lights at the cremation ground, some local youths came forward and arranged for lights, while some others lit their mobile phone torches for the crematorium.

Lakhbir’s widow Jaspreet Kaur tried several times to see his face but no one dared to remove the plastic on the body.

Lakhbir kabhi is tarya kam nahi kar sakya, woh Babaji ko sabse jiyada maanta tha (Lakhbir can never desecrate the Sarbloh Granth, he was the biggest believer of Guru Gobind Singh),,” said Jaspreet Kour, the estranged wife of 35-year-old Lakhbir Singh, The Print reported.

“Lakhbir was Guruji’s biggest believer. I want to ask the Nihangs… They could have made a video of my son’s murder, but do they have any proof of the allegation in which he was killed?” said 75-year-old Lakhbir’s uncle Harnam Singh.

“What evidence did they have that Lakhbir defiled the Sarbalo scripture? You want to make me believe that Singhu had CCTV cameras, thousands of people had phones, such a big incident happened, and nobody made a video of Lakhbir running with the scripture?” Referring to the allegations of Nihangs, he said that Lakhbir picked up the holy text from his place in the camp and fled with it.

On the evening of October 16, the Tarn Taran unit of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Samiti said it would not allow Lakhbir’s cremation as per Sikh traditions. The Satkar Samiti, which has units across the country, claims that its purpose is to ensure that the Guru Granth Sahib is given due respect.

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Sri Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Samiti leader Tarlochan Singh said he suspected Lakhbir was “made a scapegoat by the government to defame Sikhs and to end farmers’ protest”. “The central government tried its best to defame and end the farmers‘ protest, but they could not do so. So, now they have found this path,” he said.

“We know Lakhbir’s family. Their entire pind (village) is religious people. We believe that Lakhbir… was either given money, lured with drugs or threatened to do something as shameful as insulting the Sarbalo scripture.”

Lakhbir was cremated on the night of 16 October. A police officer who was present at the spot was criticizing that only a few relatives—panchayat members or villagers—were present outside the cremation ground, Times of India reported.

The Kundli police station in Haryana had registered an FIR for Lakhbir’s murder under sections 302 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code. On 16 October, Sarabjit Singh, who was arrested in connection with the murder was sent to police custody for seven days after the accused alleged the involvement of a few more people in the heinous crime.

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