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Home » Fact: Krishna Sarika forcefully evicted from her house by Muslims?

Fact: Krishna Sarika forcefully evicted from her house by Muslims?

krishna sarika hindu girl in muslim area video truth

Krishna Sarika lives in Bhindi Bazaar, South Mumbai. A video of her is viral in which she is claiming that her house has been forcibly vacated by Muslims. She is being punished for being a Hindu. Because she lives in a Muslim locality, Muslims tease her, don’t allow her to do bhajan kirtan, and torture her in different ways. In the video, the girl has claimed that Muslims have got her house vacated by asking BMC in which she was living with her family for the last 100 years. But the police have called the claims being made in this video as fake.

Truth of Krishna Sarika’s Video

According to Dinesh Maurya, reporter of Rajat Sharma’s India TV, Krishna Sarika’s house has not been vacated by Muslims but by BMC, in which BJP is in the power. Krishna Sarika’s grandfather and father used to work in BMC. Father retired in 2009. In such a situation, the house allotted by BMC had to be vacated under the rules. But the family did not vacate the house. Over the years, the dues of BMC increased to 41 lakhs. The family was asked to pay the dues from the BMC and issued a notice to vacate the house. When it was not vacated even after the notice, the family was forcibly evicted from the house.

Krishna Sarika claims that she had tried to pay rent to BMC which they did not take. BMC officials were demanding bribe. Sarika also claims that Rs 41 lakh is not even the cost of that house. The monthly rent of BMC is Rs 35. Sarika had also accused local MLA Amin Patel in this matter.

On this, Amin Patel has said that BMC has got the house vacated as per the rules in the presence of the police. It should not be given a religious colour.

BMC has registered a case against Krishna Sarika in this matter for spreading lies and tarnishing the reputation of BMC. The police have registered a case against Sarika and those who circulated her videos wrongly.

The investigation so far has revealed that Sarika has tried to give a religious color to the matter so that she does not have to vacate the house. The video made by Sarika has given more strength to the growing hatred towards Muslims in the society. Many Hindutva organizations are using this video as a tool to spread hatred towards Muslims and are circulating the video by making false claims on social media.

Let us tell you that Krishna Sarika has been given several notices to vacate the house. In Delhi and Madhya Pradesh, bulldozers have been launched directly at the homes of many people by giving notice a day before.

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