Know about Manmohan Yadav who stole flower pots kept for G20

Know about Manmohan Yadav who stole flower pots kept for G20

After a massive uproar on social media, Gurugram police on Wednesday arrested a man for allegedly stealing flower pots saved for G20 summit beautification. The man has been identified as Manmohan Yadav 50.

Recently, a video went viral on social media by Gurugram’s Shankar Chowk where two people were filmed stealing flower pots that had been set up for a G20 event while driving a luxurious car.

YouTuber, Elvish Yadav statement issued

In a statement released on Instagram stories, YouTuber, Elvish Yadav said: “A rumour is circulating that Elvish Yadav stole pots. Everybody knows what car I have and the number on it. I bought a Porche recently, which has not yet been registered.

He added “The Fortuner I have has the number 0001. I don’t have a KIA car. There are hundreds of cars at my meetings. That doesn’t mean I own all the cars, I used that car in a meeting, since it has a sunroof. I just wanted to see the audience and say hello”.

“I am going to take legal action against one [who started the rumors].” He sarcastically added, “Get ready, otherwise I’ll steal the pots from your house,” and he laughed.

On Twitter, he said, “This is not my vehicle. I kindly ask everyone not to spread any untrue information about me. I’m suing the people who are spreading false information about me.”


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