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Know about Kansas man’s bunkers built to survive end of world

Know about Kansas man’s bunkers built to survive end of world

The end of the world is a widespread issue that worries some people more than others, however, given the social present, the fight between powers with the risk of nuclear war and climate change.

People with deep pockets are sparing no expense when it comes to trying to ensure their existence in a doomsday scenario.

Tech billionaires are bracing for the end of the world and buying up luxury bunkers, according to a new tell-all book. In Survival of the Richest: Escape Fantasies of the Tech Billionaires, Douglas Rushkoff details his experience talking to five of the world’s richest men about preparing for an apocalypse.

Luxury doomsday bunkers for millionaires

These shelters are usually boxes made of steel plates, limited spaces where a small group of people could live with food rations for months or a year. However, some millionaires would be taking the construction of these shelters to the most comfortable level possible.

For this, manufacturers have had to buy bunkers that were built and dismantled after the Cold War. These structures offer very good protection, as well as more space for users to have increased mobility within it, in case the end of the world begins.

The Survival Condo is an inverted skyscraper located in Kansas (USA) that seeks to provide refuge to millionaires in the midst of a world-ending disaster. Photo Credit: Survival Condo

Some have enough space to store a large number of provisions, as well as adaptations so that it is possible to start up hydroponic crops. In this way, you could have a food base in case the period of stay in the bunker must be extended.

There is a shelter baptized as the modern Noah’s Ark, it is called Vivos xPoint and corresponds to a group of 575 military bunkers located in South Dakota. These functioned as an arms depot until 1967, according to CNN.

The facilities are designed to house about 5,000 people and the price per bunker varies depending on the characteristics with which it is purchased. This price range goes from 35,000 dollars to 200,000 dollars, it all depends on the space that is intended, in addition to the finishes and their quality.

Survival condos for extreme disasters protection

Larry Hall, 64, a former US government contractor, began development on his first “Survival Condo ” in central Kansas in 2010, but after a surge in interest sparked by the coronavirus pandemic, now it has several more in development both in the United States and in Europe and Asia.

In an interview with The Sun, Hall said the idea was born after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, when he was an entrepreneur with an Internet business and also had experience in designing and building computer data centres.

He first thought about buying and converting Cold War-era missile silos into nuclear-powered data centers for the world’s largest companies, but the idea proved unfeasible, so he “decided to protect the people.”

The luxury Kansas bunker has 14 rooms, ranging from spacious suites that sell for $500,000 to 1,000-square-foot multi-level penthouses for nearly $5 million. Photo Credit: Survival Condo

In 2008, he bought his first silo, the Atlas F. Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Silo, for $300,000, and spent the next decade turning it into a self-sustaining 15-story underground city capable of holding up to 75 people for five years.

The shelter is designed to withstand a 20-kiloton nuclear warhead (similar to the size of the ‘Fat Man’ bomb dropped on Nagasaki at the end of World War II) detonated within a 5-mile radius.

The shelter’s walls are 10-foot-thick flexible concrete that can bend many times without breaking under the stress of a 2,000-mile-per-hour shock wave in the event of a thermonuclear attack.

Impressive rooms to survive the End of the World

The luxury Kansas bunker has 14 rooms, ranging from spacious suites that sell for $500,000 to 1,000-square-foot multi-level penthouses for nearly $5 million.

Each apartment – all of which have already been sold to wealthy millionaires – is equipped with “virtual windows”, consisting of a giant projection screen that provides a view of the outside world via streaming video.

A finished complex can have anywhere from 50,000 sq. ft. up to 300,000 sq. ft. Photo Credit: Survival Condo

The creator of the bunkers explained that the prices can also increase, depending on the clients who want to personalize their apartments. And he cited the example of a Saudi millionaire, who asked to install an underground mosque.

Outside their luxurious living quarters, the bunker’s inhabitants will have plenty to do during the years they have to be hidden underground: a 75-meter pool, a luxury spa and sauna, a movie theatre, a gym, a wall of rock climbing, a golf course, a shooting range and even a dog park.

A fully equipped school, a large supermarket, a medical centre and an aquaponics laboratory, where the inhabitants of the vaults can grow their own fruits and vegetables, complete the offer of this apocalyptic bunker.

On the other hand, the old missile silo already contains enough food and water for more than five years and a reverse osmosis machine that will be capable of producing up to 40,000 litres of fresh water per day.

Increased demand prompted this contractor to begin building another silo in the United States. But while the first one has more than 16,000 m², the new one will almost triple its capacity, and although it has not been built, half of the homes have already been sold for prices of more than US$40 million.

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