Kashmiris are victims of propaganda for long: Ram Madhav

Senior BJP leader Ram Madhav has said that social media has become so powerful that it can also topple governments and it can cause chaos which can weaken democracy.

On the occasion of the release of his new book ‘Bikos India Comes First’, Ram Madhav said that tension has arisen in democracy and he is facing new challenges due to ‘non-political’ and ‘foreign forces’.

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At the event organized by Prabha Khaitan Foundation in Kolkata, Ram Madhav said, “Social media is so powerful that it can even topple governments and it is very difficult to regulate it because it is border-less.” These forces can promote anarchy, which will weaken democracy. But this should also be resolved within the constitutional framework.

He said that the current laws are not enough to deal with it. Ram Madhav said, “We need new laws and regulations. The government is already working in this direction.

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This statement of Ram Madhav has come at a time when Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and his Ministry of Information Technology have been under pressure on Twitter to follow Indian rules.

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There has been a lot of controversy about this and the Supreme Court has issued notices to the Central Government and Twitter, which has been asked to control hate-spreading material and take action against the culprits by making laws.

There may be differences of opinion, which we even find between Nehru and Gandhi from the letters exchanged between them but that does not mean we disrespect a national leader. In the RSS morning prayer, we have Gandhi’s name along with other leaders,” Madhav said.

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On Kashmir, he said that with the abrogation of Article 370, grassroot leaders are coming up against the hegemony of a few families.

He also emphasised that it is the responsibility of the people of the country to make Kashmiris feel that they are part of the 1.3-billion-strong family.

“Kashmiris are victims of propaganda for long. Things are changing but may take some time,” he said.

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