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Kangana Ranaut reacts to her Twitter account being suspended

Kangana Ranaut
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Film star Kangana Ranaut reacted strongly to the suspension of her Twitter account, saying that by doing so, Twitter has confirmed her point.

Kangana’s team issued a statement saying, “Twitter has proved to my side that they are American and a blonde person considers their right from birth to make a slave person their slave.”

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“They want to tell you What you think, speak or do. But fortunately I have many platforms including cinema which I can use to raise my voice. But my heart is sad about the people of this country who have been tortured, Who have been enslaved and who have been kept under control for thousands of years and still have no end to their sufferings.”

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Earlier Actress Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account has been suspended.

Kangana had made a tweet on Monday claiming violence in West Bengal, after which her tweet was described by many on Twitter as violent and inflammatory. 

Many people had demanded the cancellation of Kangana’s account from Twitter.

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However, no official statement has been issued by Twitter regarding why the account has been suspended.

On Twitter, Kangana’s page reads that “Twitter suspends accounts that violate Twitter rules”.

Actress Kubra Sait, who played ‘Kuku’ in the web series ‘Sacred Games’, has also reacted when Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account was suspended. 

She expressed happiness over suspending the Twitter account of the ‘Panga’ actress. Kubra Sait has said that social media can be much better without Kangana Ranaut. He has said this through social media.

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Kubra Sait has shared a screenshot of Kangana Ranaut’s suspended Twitter account on her official Twitter account. 

With this screenshot, Kubra Sait wrote in her tweet, ‘If I ever met him, I was in a mental state of hitting him with my left leg. But, this method is better. I hope for a lasting relief. Social media can be better without them.’

However Twitter spokesperson issued a statement reacting to the suspension of Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account.

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“We want to clarify that we will take strong action on behavior that has the potential to cause offline harm,” the spokesperson said in his statement.

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Repeated violations of Twitter rules, especially under our hate conduct policy and abusive behavior policy, have been permanently suspended. We impose Twitter rules on our service impartially to everyone.’

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