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Chandigarh MMS Case: Accused girl deleted videos?

Chandigarh University MMS Leak Row: What's the whole matter?

In a shocking incident, a fellow student allegedly leaked a video of student girls bathing in the Chandigarh University hostel. The girl who made these videos admits that she recorded and sent these videos to her boyfriend. However police said there is only one video of accused herself that she sent to boyfriend Sunny Mehta.

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Chandigarh University MMS Leak Row

At the university’s girls’ hostel, a student allegedly purposely recorded a video of around 60 other students while she was taking a bath and then uploaded it to an adult website.

Police have arrested a student who allegedly made those videos and sent them to a boy in Shimla. A case has been registered against the girl charged under Sections 354c of the IPC and IT Act.

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The student had allegedly made videos of 60 fellow students in recent months. She used to sell these videos for money. The girl was caught red-handed while she was recording a video, after which the incident unfolded. The student who recorded the videos is reportedly from Mohali and sent the video to a friend who lives in Shimla.

Now a video showing the girl being questioned by the college campus warden has gone viral on social media. Reports also said that the accused student sent the videos to her friend in Shimla. A video of her interrogation with the warden went viral on social media

Protest at Chandigarh University

Now a protest has broken out at Chandigarh University after a female student was caught red-handed recording videos.

According to reports, three residents of the girls’ hostel approached the warden and claimed that one of the residents had been making objectionable videos. “The video of the warden, which is circulating on social media, was made on purpose.

The warden was collating the complaints of the three residents of the hostel. We have investigated the matter and have not found any objectionable videos. In addition, the residents of the shelter who are seen protesting in the circulated videos were also informed about the same. There have been no suicide attempts on campus.

Rather, some girls had passed out before their objectionable videos circulated on social media. They received first aid and were sent back to campus. All details of the incident have been forwarded to the police,” a senior university official said.

“I still haven’t received detailed information about this incident. A protest broke out last night and the students got all the explanations. We are checking it with the help of the police,” said Satnam Singh Sandhu, chancellor of Chandigarh University.

FIR filed against accused girl

DGP Gaurav Yadav said that he had not reported any deaths at Chandigarh University. “A girl accused of making a video has been detained. An FIR has also been filed. SSP Mohali Vivek Soni is contacting CU to issue a statement to students and the media. All measures are being taken to prevent the circulation of any objectionable video. I request everyone not to circulate videos or spread rumours.”

Punjab School Education Minister Harjot Singh Bains reacted to the issue and asked students to remain calm. He said that the guilty will be caught and punished. “I humbly ask all the students of Chandigarh University to remain calm, no guilty person will be spared. It is a very sensitive matter and relates to the dignity of our sisters and daughters. Everyone, including the media, must be very, very cautious, is also a test of ours now as a society,” he wrote.

Reports said that the girls who attempted suicide were admitted to a hospital. However, the university management has denied reports that any of the students tried to kill her. They said that one of the students fainted during the protests and was therefore taken to hospital.

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