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J&K leaders made their people proud In APM: Sajjad Lone

J&K leaders made their people proud People's Conference (PC) Chairman Sajjad Gani Lone on Thursday said that all the leaders present at

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J&K leaders made their people proud

Ground Report | Srinagar: J&K leaders made their people proud; People's Conference (PC) Chairman Sajjad Gani Lone on Thursday said that all the leaders present at the recent All Party meeting (APM) held in New Delhi on June 24 were proud of their people.

Addressing a news conference, Lone, who was accompanied by Imran Raza Ansari and Basharat Bukhari, said that the Jammu and Kashmir participants in the all-party meeting made his people proud and reflective. Their pain is appropriate.

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"It is clear that those who go to New Delhi to represent the people can never disrespect the sentiments of the people," he said. "I will give the same number to all those who attended and addressed the meeting," he said. (J&K leaders made their people proud)

In today's history, there is no winner or loser. It is a long process. We have to make sure that they reach New Delhi and we have to create a conducive environment for their delivery and that cannot be done by rhetoric. India is the land of elections. An election is held every six or eight months. Let's not resort to rhetoric and create an environment where delivery is difficult. If the supply is difficult or delayed, there is only one loss and that is the people of Jammu and Kashmir, ”he said.

Asked about assurances about the restoration of the state after the election, Lone said, "I would say that the state should be restored now. Not as a matter of charity, but as a matter of right. I will not link the elections as a state. (J&K leaders made their people proud)

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He further added that he would not boycott the elections. "I will not say that I myself will boycott the elections and the party will contest. We are all equal I am not more moral than them. "Boycotting the elections can be a trap to intimidate the parties and facilitate their own people to win the elections," he added.

"It simply came to our notice then that the boycott of the election had not yielded any results. We must look the other way. Stopping opponents can be a trap.

Responding to a question, he said that the party would take part in the delimitation exercise if invited, adding that the process should be fair in the regions and regions.

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